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5 Reasons To Get Into Kayaking

5 Reasons To Get Into Kayaking

Adrenaline sports have taken the attention of many outdoor enthusiasts. Climbing mountains, highline slack lining, ski mountaineering; these sports all captivate the medias audience. However, beneath the heart pounding and jaw dropping face of outdoor sports exists one that provides a beautiful combination of serene peacefulness with physical challenge and excitement. That mysteriously overlooked activity is kayaking.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get into kayaking:

1) There is a kayak style for everyone

Ever heard of taking a kayak surfing? How about shooting over a waterfall in a little fiberglass or plastic pod? Yes, those are options in the kayak world. Whether you are seeking some water-based adrenaline or trying to escape from that scene, kayaking has a style for everyone. On the peaceful side, consider investing in a pack raft and heading into the calmer waters of lakes and rivers. The serene and untouched waters of many National Parks provide calmness and beauty. More of the heart pounding outdoors sort? Learn to white water kayak and challenge yourself amongst rapids, and falls. No matter your taste, kayaking can be the sport for you.

2) Reach unachievable hidden spots

Many kayakers who become skilled at overnight trips and long expeditions are normally seeking one thing: seclusion. A kayak provides a sense of freedom that other sports can’t. Many places that are accessible by water can’t always be accessed by any other sport or activity. Hidden coves, seaside beaches, secret islands; these are all hidden rewards to the experienced kayaker.

3) See unique perspectives others can’t

Viewing a mountain from the water, paddling across the lake and seeing the hiking trail snake through the forest, floating through a city on the waterway which many others drive over; all perspectives accessible to the kayaker. As a photographer, gaining a fresh and unique perspective is key. With kayaking, seeing things from angles others can’t is a visual reward making all the effort worth it.

4) Challenge your body, gently

Nigel Foster is a 64-year-old kayaker who is a goliath in the water sport industry. Foster is influencing the sport as a designer, instructor and author. At 64! Bottom line; age doesn’t matter in the world of kayaking. Unlike so many sports that compress joints through repetitive pounding and brutal excursion kayaking provides a gentle aerobic workout for the body. People of all ages and physical fitness can become kayakers. The largest factor is form and posture. As long as the proper posture is held, kayaking is a gentle activity with strong physical rewards. However, do not assume it is not a challenge. Paddling against current or in choppy conditions can be one of the most difficult workouts you’ve ever done. Great for the arms ladies!

5) Experience a new natural connection

Kayaking puts you in direct, intimate contact with nature. Sitting just below the surface level exposes one to a new world of natural encounters. It’s a personal, tactical skill and interaction with your surroundings. When you’re in a kayak, you can feel the energy of the waves and water, almost as if you’re immersed in the moment. There is often a whole world below you. That’s the beauty and excitement of the sport. If you’re in the sea you may be lucky enough to watch a whale breach at eye level or see dolphins swim beneath you. Kayaking enables these experiences to feel a part of something much bigger and learn from the language of nature. Sitting in a kayak is a subtle form of communication through which those who are willing to adventure out on the water can listen, see and hear the most profound messages from the environment they surround themselves in.

For all the benefits of kayaking, be aware of the dangers. Before heading off into the ocean to chase the hidden coves and breaching whales or shooting off a waterfall, be sure to learn the sport, it’s skills and techniques safely. Kayaking is a sport that demands respect and dedication. However, the time invested produces the many benefits waiting. Every sport takes time but it’s never too late to dip your toe in and test the waters.

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