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A Year Of Adventure

A Year Of Adventure

We have just launched a Year of Monthly Challenges to encourage women to commit to having 12 different outdoor experiences over the next 12 months. We hope you might join in?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking “getting into adventure” or “being adventures” is in some way for just the experienced, gun ho groups who are tougher, fitter and more experienced than you.

Anyone can do this stuff.

Start small - if you plan out your year (we have helped!) you are probably more likely to do things you’ve always wanted. Plus there is a whole community of support and it’s fun!

The essence of what we do at Women Want Adventure is connecting women outdoors. We’ll have a range of trips from overnight hikes to camping adventures that will help you tick some of the below off from your list. 

If you want it enough, you can make it happen. BEGIN!


Here is a quick summary of what you need to know.

  • Declare your intention to get involved with the #wwachallenge via our Facebook Group or Instagram with a photo of yourself outdoors or simple post. Recruit your friends, the girls at tennis, swim club etc and encourage them to get involved.
  • Put the below ideas in your calendar. Save the image and stick it on your fridge. Begin planning what you’ll do. If you write it down it’s more likely to happen. 
  • For each month, post in our Facebook Group or Instagram so we can keep track and share your adventures. Use the hashtag - #wwachallenge and #womenwantadventure and be sure to TAG us. (Mum, I will help you do this). 
  • Each month Women Want Adventure will provide further details about the challenges. Keep an eye out for our newsletter and sign up here if you’re not already on the list. 


  • January: Summer month. It’s sweaty, El Nino comes and goes. Most of us are still on holidays. Let’s kick start simple. This month it’s about sunrises. At least 10 of them! Get up early for a walk, run, SUP, kayak or view from your tent. Share your best sunrises with us - tag #wwachallange 
  • February: Let’s take a spin off “Valentines day”. Adventure dating is the new thing. Take a friend or partner. Shotty Chris Hemsworth  🤣. It could be your neighbour, Husband, Mum, Boyfriend, Nanna, Puppy or Daughter. Create a fun outdoor date. Get creative! Hike up a mountain. Paddle to a secret beach. Camp under the stars. Picnic in the park. Eat adventure tacos. #besupercute 
  • March: International Women’s Day - Tuesday 8th March. Collectively we can #breakthebias. Let’s connect this month with a bunch of free community meet ups around Australia. We’ll need your help! Post your activity in our FB group and we’ll all meet together, same time, different locations across the country. 
  • April. Camp under the stars. This is the best time of year and Easter break can make it doable. WWA trips count, such as our overnight hikes here. The key component of this months challenge is to make time to get away, just for one night of the month. Camp in your backyard or up/down the coast. Appreciate taking time away from your phone/work/commitments. Share your camping idea locations and WWA will put a list together to help. 
  • May; Learn something new. This month you’ll need to pick an activity you’ve never done before. Bouldering. Rock climbing. Canyoning. Kayaking. SUP. Learning how to tie a knot. Take a photo of yourself out there giving it a go, laughing!  Bonus challenge * Learn about a plant, culture or animals you encounter on your adventure. Let’s share findings and don’t forget to tag - #wwachallenge on socials so we can see what you’re up too and help each other learn. 
  • June: Winter. Let’s stay motivated and keep our fitness up. 5km a day challenge for every day of the month. That’s 155km this month. Run, walk, ride, kayak. Get it done, it’s good for you. If you miss a day, make up for it. Tally your total and share in our Facebook Group. Hint: Ride or walk to work instead of taking public transport. 
  • July: Hike up your nearest hill or mountain. You might need to drive to make the visit and plan ahead. We’ll send through a great list before July. This includes snow capped mountains in snowshoes. Encouraging mountain breakfasts for this month. Warm oats on a hill? How good. 
  • August: Go on a solo adventure. Just you, out there with your muesli bar. You’ve got this. Share your experience and encourage others to try your trail/kayak/SUP mission too. Inspire others month. BONUS challenge * jump in a cold pool/lake/ocean at least once this month. If you’re an ocean swimmer, we challenge you for every day - rain, hail or shine. Extra bonus if you do this nudie. 
  • September: Spend a night under the stars, must be a different location from April. This time you’ll need to cook a meal. We’ll be sharing recipe ideas, Jet Boil meal ideas and helping you think of yummy things to cook. You can camp in a campground, on an overnight hike, up a river or wherever you can pitch a tent. Coming on a WWA trip still counts. 
  • October: Challenge month. Something that requires you to plan, join a team, train or logistically put together a challenge for yourself. Keep accountable by telling others in our Facebook Group what your challenge is. We’ll be checking in on you at the end of the month. 
  • November. Home to home challenge. How can you get from your house to a friends house/family home by foot/bike or kayak. Perhaps you need to combine all the activities. Map out your home to home journey as little or as far as it may be. We’ll be giving away a prize this month for the most creative way to get from one house to the next! 
  • December: Surprise challenge - Will involve Santa hats and all of us together to celebrate wherever you are in Australia! 

You can alter, add or do whatever you like each month, but this is a guide to keep you motivated and on track. 

These are community challenges, so let’s stay connected via our Facebook Group to encourage each other and share ideas of places to go and things to do. 

If you’d like to save print out the calendar or share it with your friends, here is a copy below. 

We would love to hear your thoughts, reflections and ideas each month. Keep an eye out for the newsletter and if you're not on this list, join here now. 

The best way to see what everyone is posting is via the Instagram page and Facebook Group. Feel free to pop your comments below in this post too. 

Finally, who doesn’t like something to look forward to? How amazing will it be this time next year where you can say “I can cook a campfire Bag Ghanoush and have slept under the stars and been on adventure dates!”. 

We can’t wait. Let’s do this!

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