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Member Interview: Janelle Dwyer

Member Interview: Janelle Dwyer

What is your name? Janelle Dwyer

Your age + location: 35 and from the Northern Beaches, Sydney

How many WWA trips have you been on? Around 4 day hikes, the Lane Cove Kayaking trip and South Sydney yoga/hike. I also went on the Larapinta NT 5 days adventure and the Blue Mountains Yoga and Hiking weekend. I am also currently talking myself in to the Wilderness First Aid course coming up in October!

What has been your favourite WWA adventure, why? Larapinta was great – obviously the landscape, but also the giggles on the trip and having the time to get to know people and making new friendships. I talked about carrot cake for 45mins on day one the trip (LOL) when does life allow anyone time to do that! Walking and talking, my favourite. 

What advice would you offer a lady wanting to come on a trip but feeling a little hesitant? Be brave! My first trip I knew no one… at all! But was looking for a way to get out more and meet people – WWA has been an amazing experience in a really kind and fun environment.

Do you have anything quirky you bring with you for comfort on trips? Well, nothing specific… Umm - My personality! But a sense of fun is always important. WWA always provides coffee at our breaks so I don’t need to pack that!

What is the best adventure equipment investment you have ever made? A comfy day back and a good quality polar fleece jumper. 

What's the best advice you have been given about hiking/kayaking or going on a trip? E.g Wear in your hiking boots etc.  The packing lists are always spot on. However always pack your swimmers… as there is always an excuse to find a waterhole, river or dam to jump in to!

What does community mean to you? Community to me in the sense of adventure, is finding like-minded, kind people wanting to come together and do fun stuff, getting to know each other, building friendships that last longer than a daytrip.

What is your number one place you love to adventure? Up … any mountain! However yet to explore would be ‘On foot’ – Kilimanjaro, ‘On water’ -  Alaska or Ningaloo.

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