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Mount Kosciuszko - All You Need To Know

Mount Kosciuszko - All You Need To Know

Mount Kosciusko, known as the roof of Australia, is our highest peak. By peak, it’s more like a ‘hill’ which makes it incredibly accessible for young children and families. It rises to an elevation of 2,228 meters and is a member of the picturesque Australian Alps.

When To Go

Due to Mount Kosciusko’s proximity in the Alps, this region experiences the extreme of the Australian winter and summer weather. June through to September, it’s impressive snow-capped summit attracts back country skiers and boarders. March through to May are considered to be the best months to hike Kosciusko in terms of weather. Be mindful, because of Kosciusko’s great height and Australia’s extreme weather, the mountain influences its own weather and it can snow as early as March. Although it’s often warm during the day, be prepared for below 0 temperatures during night times if you’re camping or watching the sunset.

How To Get To The Summit

The summit is best experienced on sunset or sunrise. The changing colours are beautiful across the rolling hills. For a day hike, Park at Charlottes Pass and enjoy the pathed walkways to the Snowy River – the perfect location for a picnic. Walk further up the trail to Seaman’s Hut (built in 1929) and can serve as an emergency bunker in the winter months. From here, carry onto Rawson’s Pass where there are toilet facilities. Mountain bike riders might choose to ride to this point and there are bike racks here for your disposal. 

From Rawson’s Pass the Kosciusko Summit is only a further 1.4 kilometres and if you’re a fast paced walker, it won’t take you long. Keep in mind; it’s a popular stop especially with families catching the chair lift. The earlier you can get to the summit or later, the better. The views from the top are some of the best you will come across in Australia. If you’re viewing the sunset, it’s best to ride from Charlottes Pass you don’t get caught in the dark or a potential fog cover which can lead you off the path. It takes about 2 hours to ride up, but knowing you can race back down again is comforting and extends your time to relax. If you are taking your bike, bring gloves, a helmet and a head lamp for the quick journey home.

If you pass on the romantic sunset scene and are rather interested to walk the 22 kilometre loop track, it will take you approximately 6-7 hours. The lop tack is great to see various rolling hills and rock formations. You get to cross little rivers and take in the view of the beautiful Blue Lake. Take your snacks, a first aid kit, fly repellent (they can get pretty intense) and warm clothing just in case. Always respect the Leave No Trace Principles which means carrying out what you carried in. If you see some rubbish, pick it up!

Make An Adventure Out of It

If you’re looking for somewhere lovely to pitch your tent, Thredbo Diggins Campground is great. Its free and well facilitated with a drop toilet and campfire BBQs. Feeling more adventurous? Change your day walk plans and hike your camping gear past Blue Lake and pitch your tent on a rolling hill. Be mindful of early morning walkers and try to pitch your tent out of sight. It’s nice to break away from busy campgrounds and wake up with a world class Australian sunrise view. You should also check with National Park Rangers for permission to camp.

Tips For Hiking Mount Kosciusko

  • Make sure you are healthy before any hike.
  • There is a National Park Fee for entering into the park. You will pay this at the station or receive a ticket on your car.
  • Be aware of native animals and always respect their environment by leaving them alone
  • Public toilets are available. Bring your own toilet paper.
  • Pack Mosquito and fly repellent. Sand flies can get serious.
  • Make sure you pack is comfortable. There are women-specific options for backpacks and day packs that may provide a more comfortable fit.
  • Remember that knowledge is power. Check the weather before you leave and let someone know the time you expect to return to your car.
  • Avoid camping at the base of a large hill. If it rains your gear will get wet.
  • Aim to hike during the cooler months, but not through winter unless you are going back country and have experience in hiking or camping in snow conditions.

Enjoy the view from the top of Australia ladies; Mount Kosciusko is a must for all adventure women. Have you tried it? Any other tips you could add to the list?

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