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Take An Adventure To The Depths of Old Woman Island

Take An Adventure To The Depths of Old Woman Island

Forever on the hunt for weekend places to explore, Scout Hinchliffe takes her kayak, diving gear and adventurous spirit to discover one of the most scenic underwater worlds - right at her doorstep.

What she found:

Putting the fear of sharks aside, I had finally succumbed to the endless torture of staring at the well vegetated rocky islet known as Old Woman Island from Mudjimba’s shoreline. 

The one-kilometre paddle over to the Island can often be treacherous so try and pick a day with calm seas and wind. This will double as a bonus for your diving experience. 

After battling the tiny yet confronting swell breaking on the shore, it was full steam ahead. As I watched the sun pour down on the Island, showering the surrounding reef and calm blue water with beams of light, I had to pinch myself that an island adventure is so accessible and so close to home. 

I dived off the kayak into a world where the only sounds were crackling coral and fish gnawing on rocks. From this moment, I knew I was in for an epic snorkelling adventure.

Starting at just two metres deep, the coral gardens of Old Woman Island provide the perfect haven for the abundant sea life to thrive and for the hard and soft corals to flourish. Although not as colourful as the Great Barrier Reef, the crystal clear water makes the diving experience worthwhile. 

Old Woman Island proved it is one of the best underwater playgrounds on the Sunshine Coast. Whether you are a seasoned diver or you are trying on a wetsuit for the first time, add this adventure to your list. 

Where does the name ‘Old Woman Island’ originate from?

Old Woman Island is thought to have its name from two Aboriginal legends. One involved two women who made the island their home. When there was only one woman who could be spotted on the Island, it became known as One Woman Island.  The other legend is thought to be the head knocked off the top of a warrior, Coolum, which is represented as the flat-topped Mount Coolum around 6km North. 

How to Get to Old Woman Island

  • Via kayak (1km true adventure style)
  • Via boat from Mooloolaba

What to bring

  • Diving gear
  • Kayak
  • Pack a lunch in your bag
  • Snorkel/mask
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Dry Bag for camera gear
  • Plenty of water

How fit do I need to be?

Beginner- Moderate level or fitness. If it’s a windy day you have a longer paddle then expected back to shore. Be careful of large swells and rough seas. 

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