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The Gyms Boring- Bring Your Legs Here! Garie Beach

The Gyms Boring- Bring Your Legs Here! Garie Beach

Let’s be honest- the gym has too many sweaty men with tank tops, and why, oh why are there SO many mirrors? Want a great summer body without “Karl” commenting on your latest leg press? Garie Beach is for you!

Follow this 30- 60-minute workout - Your whole body will love you for it.

A short drive from Sutherland, park your car at Garie Beach car park.

Make your way to the sand and head north (i.e. turn left) but don’t put your joggers on just yet! First up is a beach jog/sprint/walk/commando crawl- We’re not judging.

Barefoot jogging is not only a great cardio workout, it forces the smaller, stabilising muscles in the knees, ankles and feet to work harder then running on roads or treadmills. Even beach walking strengthens these supporting muscles and may help prevent running injuries.

When you reach the end of the beach, pop your shoes on and follow the path up the dramatic Garie Hill. This is where you will feel the “good burn”. Don’t worry, the sweeping-ocean and salty breeze will be a welcome distraction.  Better then gym stench you will be thinking as an eagle soars overhead. You may even catch sight of dolphins, whales or a wallaby.

The path is well marked and climbing the cliff will take you about 30 minutes. At the top, sit down, catch your breath, and drop and give me 50. Kidding.

Once you have made it to the top, you’ll be greeted with magnificent views and the option to keep walking along the coast track. Or you may just like to sit down and have a well-deserved rest…go on, you may as well have a little snack too. Chocolate tastes better up here.

After your descent why not jump in the ocean?


Immersing your muscles in cool water after exercise can reduce swelling and speed up recovery after an intense sweat session.


Garie Beach also has fresh-water showers and a change room, so you can be back to looking sharp in no time.

The Garie Hill Climb is perfect for early risers as well as a late afternoon summer session. Watch the sun peak over the horizon in the morning or catch a stunning sunset in the middle of nature. If you are one of the keen early birds starting before dawn, remember to wear a head torch.

One of the best things about Gaire Beach is there are so many options. Walk, run, swim, surf- Make it your own.  This guide is just the beginning. Next time why not walk south? Or bring a yoga matt and set up on the grass.

Got what it takes? - Leave the gym behind and get down to Garie Beach where you’ll get more than just a workout.  


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