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Trangia Stove: Your Outdoor Kitchen

Trangia Stove: Your Outdoor Kitchen

When I think of camping cookware, Trangia is one of the first brands that comes to mind. It’s fuel efficient, quick heating qualities have produced some of my best outdoor meals. I’ve used the range of different sized Trangia’s on multiple Women Want Adventure trips with years of hot noodles, morning coffee and trouble free use.  


Outdoor cooking is easy when you use an Trangia stove. The 2 pot, kettle and pan - also serving as a lid, make cooking possible in all weather conditions – even high wind and severe cold.

The Trangia 27-8 HA is lightweight, needs no special care as is hardwearing. The stoves are made of hardanodized ultralight aluminum which makes the 825g kitchen seem like nothing in your backpack. Aluminum also conducts heat well and spreads heat quickly. Quick noodles. No problem.

The Trangia stands true to a very simple engineering philosophy. One of my favourite features is how sturdy and reliable all the parts are, which are almost impossible to break. The designers have put time into making sure each part fits into a compact unit that takes up minimal space, which makes for a quick and simple set up and pack up process.

This Trangia uses a spirit burner. Perhaps a downside for some who prefer convenience of a gas burner, however the spirit burners are easy to use due to their simple construction. The simmering ring is one of my favourite features. It allows food to keep warm without wasting fuel. The burner also works in all weather conditions. The best fuel to use is methylated spirits. Just don’t forget to pack it.

Tip: Store the spirit burner in a plastic bag to avoid corrosion of the cooking pans and taste of spirits in your food. Don’t place it in the bag when it’s still hot. When fuel is running out, I dilute it with 10% water. It works, although takes a little longer to heat.

What it Includes

Hardanodized ultralight aluminium. Windshields in ultralight aluminium. 2x Saucepans and 1x frypan in hardanodized ultralight aluminium. 1x Kettle 0.6 litre. Weight 825g.


The Trangia is an efficient working outdoor kitchen. It’s perfect for day hikes and trips at Women Want Adventure. The pots and pans fit down into one cookware system where you can also fit knifes and methylated spirits inside the canister. The set also comes with a clamp for lifting hot pots so you don’t have to worry about burning fingers while adjusting dinner.

I have cooked numerous items on the pots and pans and made coffee for ladies on trips. I put using a Trangia on par with preparing meals at home – it’s that easy. The pans are large enough to cook large quantity meals and the lightweight aluminum lasts. For larger more complex meals, the nonstick base limits clean up time and they cool extremely fast when removed from the heat source.

One of my favourite features is the 0.6 litre kettle which is big enough to hold water for 4 cups of tea yet is compact enough to fit in my backpack with all my gear.

Size and Packing

For larger trips I’m the type of person who pays a great deal of attention to how much every item in my pack weighs. I even take a smaller toothbrush. If you set out on a multi-day adventure, a larger Trangia set is not the best option where space is critical. There are other cookware options we will review better suited for multi-day trips. I have found the Trangia is best used for day trips, from the back of a car or in campgrounds.

The design of the fold in compact pots and lids which, once put together in a flash are stable and mostly wind resistant. For day hikes, Trangia’s are my go to for making a number of ladies’ a warm cup to drink, quickly. Trangia’s need to be placed on a flat surface, which isn’t difficult to create but careful attention needs to be made to make sure the spirits don’t spill from the canister.

Boil Time

In low wind, calm conditions the Trangia only takes about 3 minutes to boil. It also depends how much water you have in the kettle or pot.

Tip: Fully fill the kettle for boiling. It’s better to boil all the water than to try and re use the spirits and lighter source.


Both of my Trangia’s simmer well and are easy to clean. It doesn’t matter if I cook something messy like pasta, the pans always wash well. The size of the pots and flame heat contents quickly. I particularly like that you can adjust the canister opening for a slower heat release. This saves fuel and keeps meals on a low heat for longer, just be careful with your hands if adjusting this.

Meal Ideas

Chili Con Carne


  • 220g minced meat (Cook this at home before you head out)
  • 1 onion
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 chili pepper
  • 200g beans (black or kidney)
  • 200g whole tomatoes
  • 1 tbsp. butter
  • Shredded cabbage
  • Paprika powder, cumin, salt and pepper


Cut the onion, garlic and chili pepper in small pieces and fry them in the butter together with the paprika powder and the cumin powder. Add the cooked minced meat when the onion has softened. When the meat has warned, add the whole tomatoes and the beans. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve with cabbage.

Tip: Precook your meals at home. This means messy preparation, food waste and rubbish left in your home kitchen.  No cutting things, just re heating. This will save you time, mess and weight in your pack.  


You need a separate fuel bottle which ends up adding bulk. I sometimes forget to pack methylated spirits but that’s me being forgetful when I’m packing a range of equipment for trips. I prefer a smaller cookware for multi-day hikes but love the Trangia for Women Want Adventure trips and workshops as it cooks well for groups and the pans and pots are generous.

How we Tested It

Testing cookware requires a healthy dose of delicious food, outdoor vibes and a group of hungry adventure women. Women Want Adventure trips have provided plenty of all three. I’ve taken the Trangia on quick trips in The Royal National Park close to my home, cooked meals in caves down the South Coast of Australia, sipped hot chocolate on the top of Mount Kosciusko and cooked meals inside my tent while it’s poured rain. I’ve also used Trangia’s in camp grounds and at the back on my car.

Suggested Tips:

  • Always hand wash your Trangia. Don’t use a dishwasher
  • If you’re flying overseas, make sure the canister is empty and clean, otherwise you will be called to the gate and have to remove it
  • Make sure all parts are dry before packing away
  • Always remove the strap completely before cooking and keep it in a place you won’t lose it
  • Prepare before you leave by measuring out ingredients
  • Bring enough water for your coffee and cleaning


When it comes down to it, on trips where I’m likely to cook for a group or myself in a cave for the night, The Trangia has never let me down, with the same functionality from 3 years ago when I cooked my first Trangia meal. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced outdoor kitchen cookware, the Trangia is a good place to start. 

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