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Why Women Are Embracing Hiking In 2020

Why Women Are Embracing Hiking In 2020

OK, let’s be honest - this year has been a bit of a shocker for everyone.

So many of us had 2020 bookmarked as a year that would bring big things: trips to Greece, retirement, buying a house.

But instead, we’ve just spent a lot of the year indoors.

The COVID-19 pandemic meant we went into lockdown, unable to live life as we had previously known it.

Coronavirus has also put a stop to overseas trips for the foreseeable future (SOB!) but naturally, that hasn’t stopped adventurous women from seeking out fun!

Sydneysider Emma, 31, is a communications specialist who has been working from home since April. 2020 was the year she was meant to go to Mexico for a month but those plans were put on the backburner.

Rather than getting upset about the lack of holidaying this year would bring, she’s embraced our amazing Aussie backyard.

“After spending so much time indoors and at home this year, I just want to be outside whenever I can, whether it’s for exercise or walking catch-ups with friends,” Emma said.

She’s just returned from a trip to the Warrumbungle National Park [hyperlink to WNP article], where Emma hiked the Breadknife Grand High Tops Walk with three of her girlfriends.

“We hiked over two days and camped in the national park. It was incredible,” she said.

“Spending a couple of uninterrupted days in nature really helped me switch off, slow down and be calmer.”

 The benefits to hiking have been long documented and in a year that’s brought stress to so many people, there’s never been a better time to get outdoors in nature.

Studies have found that people who spend time walking in nature are less anxious and have an enhanced mental wellbeing.

HIking also provides a great workout, which is what we all need after a year trapped indoors watching Netflix!

We have so many incredible hikes available on our doorstep in Australia from the Kiama Coastal Walk to the Larapinta Trail.

“Honestly, I’m now planning more hiking trips around Australia. To think it’s taken so long for me to visit the Warrumbungles when I grew up in NSW, it’s crazy,” Emma added.

So if you’re considering lacing up your hiking boots, it’s a no brainer. One last thing, there are very helpful guides and trail ideas over at NSW National Parks. Be sure to check what trails are open or alerts in the area before heading out.

Get hiking!


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