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Bub’s Want Adventure


Bubs Want Adventure is a not for profit community for mothers and their little ones to hike outside together and feel inspired by the outdoors.  

Bubs Want Adventure was created to encourage and support Mum’s and Bub’s to hike together with other families. 

We create free meeting hikes (mostly fortnightly) in NSW for an easy trail walk, suitable for babies that can be carried - (0-15 months).

Many young Mothers attend our Women Want Adventure trips on weekends, but what about connecting mid-week with their babies?

We believe connecting together in the outdoors is healthy and important for everyone’s wellbeing. It can sometimes be intimidating to go hiking with your baby alone, so Bub’s Want Adventure helps empower women to get outside with babies on board with confidence!

Bubs Want Adventure


Join our Facebook Page “Bub’s Want Adventure” to receive the latest news and updates about meet ups.

If you can help host a Bubs Want Adventure hike in your area please email Monique at – monique@womenwantadventure.com.au .

We hope to build the community overtime and foster a positive, welcoming and supportive group of Bubs and their Mum’s who want adventure.

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