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COVID-19 Updates

At Women Want Adventure, the safety of our community is a major priority.

We monitor Covid-19 events closely and make operational decisions based on the latest advice from Government guidelines.

Adventure, travel and Covid-19 is one of those things that naturally gives rise to queries, concerns and doubts, so we’re here to put your mind at ease.

What are the vaccination requirements to attend a trip?

We strongly recommend that all women are fully vaccinated. If travelling internationally, you may need to be fully vaccinated. Being fully vaccinated will help create a safe environment for you, other clients, and our guides. 

What should I consider before booking a trip?

It’s important to plan ahead before booking or departing on your trip. At short notice, you may find you’re unable to attend if you become ill and can no longer travel. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, even mild symptoms, we strongly recommend getting tested prior to leaving for your trip. As the information may differ depending on your location, it’s important to research government Covid advice, especially when travelling interstate.
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What is Women Want Adventure doing to keep me safe on my adventure?

  • We are a Covid-19 Safe business. A Covid-19 risk and safety operations manual has been created for our company to assess risks on each trip and action a plan
  • We conduct client briefings on COVID safe practices
  • Clients are issued with hand sanitiser before using equipment or eating
  • Pre-departure checks are conducted to learn where each participant is travelling from, to ensure no one is participating from a hot spot
  • We ensure all clients are notified to bring a face mask for mandatory use when travelling in shared transport vehicles
  • We undertake initial pre-trip cleaning of equipment
  • We reduce the sharing of equipment where practical and ensure these are cleaned with detergent and disinfectant between use
  • We conduct high levels of monitoring and reporting with possible removal from trip as required
  • Reducing crowding wherever possible on the trail, including at lookouts and meeting locations
  • Stringent hand washing/sanitisation before, during and after, food preparation
  • Encouraging women to bring their own mess kit on overnight trips
  • Ensuring three stage washing up system on overnight hikes with an air dry to reduce contact with eating utensils
  • All food preparation surfaces to be wiped down with disinfectant products

What if I test positive for Covid while on my trip?

For protection of other clients and guides, we will follow the current Government health requirements for testing positive which may mean removing the client from the tour. The client will have to isolate at available accommodation at their own expense. WWA may assist in helping the client arrange the accommodation if they are limited with phone service at their current location. In a case where the client cannot be removed from the trip or wilderness camp, they must isolate away from the group until they can be removed. Women Want Adventure will help to arrange transportation vehicle to come and collect the client at their expense. 

Do I need travel insurance that covers Covid cancellation? 

Yes. For our larger multi-day trips, you will be retried to take out a travel insurance policy that covers for COVID cancellation. We recommend Covermore. 

Will I get a refund if I test positive for Covid while on my trip?

As the trip is already underway with all services included, there will be no refund offered in this circumstance.

If I book a day or overnight trip and can't attend due to covid, will I get my money back?
Please refer to our full Terms and Conditions page here.

We recommend staying up-to-date on restrictions and contact us as soon as you may be concerned about your attendance.

Will I have to share a room with another women on a trip?

Most of our larger trips and weekend departures are twin share rooms. Single supplement options may be available for your trip. Please contact us at womenwantadventure@outlook.com.

Will I have to wear a mask on any of your trips?

Wearing a mask is always encouraged and for indoor settings we will abide by current government guidelines. Depending on restrictions at the time, you may be required to wear a mask inside. You will not be required to wear a mask out hiking or kayaking etc. While travelling on any vehicle you must wear a mask. 

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