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Who We Are

Women Want Adventure presents the best in women’s adventure, featuring articles, interviews, gear reviews and leading women’s outdoor trips.

Becoming a part of our empowering community means feeling inspired and connected through outdoor adventure. On our trips we provide opportunities for women to learn new skills, challenge themselves up a mountain and feel very much alive in the outdoors.

The concept of Women Want Adventure was born from conversations with real women. We saw the need to inspire, empower and connect women through adventure to break out of their comfort zones and explore the outdoors in a safe and supportive environment.

How Do We Do This?

As a community, we aim to give women access to outdoor adventure in an exciting and new way. Our trips are inclusive and lead by outdoor experts to go beyond non-tourist locations. They give women the opportunity to get fit, explore places they may never have ventured alone, make new friends and laugh!

For each trip there is a wide range of fitness and experience levels; from women who have never been hiking before to women who have extensive experience in the outdoors. We value every member of our community and know all women have a contribution to make. What’s powerful about our community is the diversity of women with different needs, desires and goals.

When you take a trip with Women Want Adventure, you immerse yourself in outdoor experiences filled with spontaneous adventure, stunning landscapes and purposeful connections to community and the environment. We have hiked mountains together, kayaked down rapids, watched whales breach from sea kayaks and discovered waterfalls in Australia’s best National Parks and overseas destinations. Through outdoor adventure we have learned that together as a community, we can jump headfirst into adventure, grow as outdoors women and instil confidence in all aspects of our lives.

What do we care about?

Women Want Adventure comprises over four thousand women who value fresh air, taking care of our land and community. We are passionate about the conservation and protection of the land in which we adventure. For every trip, we incorporate The 7 Leave No Trace Principles. No excuses. This means we have rules around how we interact as a community and with the environment.

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