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Women Want Adventure want to see you on your next adventure!

Do you want to learn about places to explore? How about learning from other women who have been there, and have helpful advice to give?

Getting out on the trails is what our community do best. There are thousands of women across Australia who are explorers, daily adventurers and weekend wanderers who have visited some incredible places. 

Just like community members submit an article, we are looking for members to share their video stories of adventure. 

How will it work? 

Create an I-phone or other simple video of yourself on your next hike, kayak, camp, sky dive… you name it adventure and use these guidelines.

Note: We love to receive all submissions, but without including the following guidelines we unfortunately cannot publish content. Please read carefully. 

Video Instructions:

  1. Shoot your video in landscape form only
  2. Video to be maximum 90 seconds. 
  3. Film your video in sections and edit with the many apps available E.g VIDLAB to put it together at the end in this order:
  • Start with: “Hi, my name is (_________) and you are watching Women Want Adventure Explorer Series"
  • "Today we are at (location) which is in (Insert National Park Name Here)
  • (Tell the viewer facts about your trip. For example: hiking distance, elevation, kayaking distance, things you need, how to get there etc)
  • With your camera, capture video shots of the trip, views, exciting things to see etc
  • Include any fun facts or precautions ladies should be aware about

Do not include background music. 

Once you have finished putting together your clip, please email us and we will send you a link to our DROPBOX folder where you can upload your video content. 

Please note: Women Want Adventure will not accept views with an course language, nudity or slang. Please try to remember you are talking to the Women Want Adventure audience of lovely ladies aged between 20-65 years of age. Be clear with your voice and have FUN!

Be yourself! Add yourself personal giggle and smile! These videos will be viewed by over four thousand members, shared in our newsletter and uploaded on our Youtube channel. We are aiming to have a video out every fortnight.

If you have any questions about your video, or want to ask for more guidance please contact our team at womenwantadventure@outlook.com 

Happy adventure filming!

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