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Thank you for your interest in contributing to Women Want Adventure. Through articles we aim to capture the essence of adventure in a way that inspires women to take on new challenges, learn skills or build knowledge to set out on their next adventure.

How often do we post articles?
Monthly on the website and through our social media channels.

What kind of articles are we looking for?
Generally, we are interested in practical articles informing women on places to go adventuring, tips and helpful ideas. The types of adventures we cover are usually beyond popular tourist locations.

Articles are usually narrow in scope; we do not cover multiple adventures in one article. Adventures of particular interest to us are places to hike in National Parks, Micro Adventures, helpful tips and practical information about outdoor experiences and places to explore.

What are we looking for in writing style?
There are no limitations on style, as long as the writing is lively and interesting, although a sense of adventure should be at the heart of every article. If we want to inspire and empower women to take on new experiences, then writers must sell us with more than just notions of places and names to adventure, so please do not send us any unfocused content. Some of the best articles are those centred around practical and insightful adventures suitable for a variety of women. Before you begin writing, make sure you have carefully considered our Article Guidelines. A carefully structured article combines support for women to go on an adventure, at a variety of fitness levels. Please submit your article with a headline that suggest what the article is about.

Article Guidelines:

  • Your post must be authentic and all your own work that has not been featured elsewhere. This includes on your own website or social channels
  • Provide practical information to inspire women to take action in their daily lives
  • Word limit between 600-1500 words
  • Please edit your work for grammar corrects before submitting
  • Include a profile picture and attached photos to represent your content, separate from your written document
  • Make sure all photos which represent your article are credited to their rightful owner and sent in their original sizing format

How to submit your article:

  • Submissions to be sent to monique@womenwantadventure.com.au
  • Label the title of your email ‘Article Submission (your name)’ and provide all contact information including your social accounts
  • Acceptable file types are .TXT .WORD DOC

Topic Ideas to help you get started:

  • Hiking tips and tricks helping women build skills in the outdoors
  • Inspiring outdoor adventure stories. Hiking, climbing, kayaking, trailing running etc
  • Micro-adventures. You can write about a great idea for a weekend trip or overnight hike. Provide how to get there, what to do, things to bring + tips/tricks
  • Product and gear reviews. Please check with us before you write about a product
  • ‘How to’ topics. For example: How to get to a secluded beach in a National Park

Headline ideas:

  • The Best Hikes In...
  • How To Pack For A Day Hike
  • Climbing Tips That Can Save Your Life
  • 5 Best Kayak Day Trips in Australia
  • How to Build Hiking Fitness
  • The Best National Parks In...
  • Top 10 Adventures Around...
  • Best Seller Adventure Books To Get You Outside

Additional Information:
Women Want Adventure appreciates your article submissions and will be in contact within two weeks upon your submission. We may send back you request with questions about your work or suggestions on how you can work with us to tailor your article.

As much as we love to hear from you and read all articles, Women Want Adventure cannot post every submission and will choose the most appropriate articles to publish. You will be notified on the approval and publish date if you are successful prior to the launch on the Women Want Adventure website.

If you have any questions, please contact our friendly Editorial Team who will be happy to assist you.

Women Want Adventure Team
E: monique@womenwantadventure.com.au

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