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Women’s Hike Club


We’re super proud that our volunteer-led, free-for-women meet-up hikes are back! Our community welcomes women from different backgrounds, fitness levels, experiences, ages, and cute hiking socks.

At Women Want Adventure, community is at the heart of what we do. We love to chat on trails and drink coffee. So, here we go!


A free community meet-up hiking event held on the very first Saturday of each month. We’re a positive, welcoming, and inclusive group that encourages women to fall in love with the outdoors and make meaningful connections. All women, girls, Mums, and Nannas are welcome to come along! Our groups are organised and supported by Women Want Adventure and led by a bunch of volunteers, or the community itself. We take care of meeting times, details, locations, etc., so you can just turn up and go hiking. It’s that simple!

Through our community, Women Want Adventure empowers and inspires women to connect with each other and with nature.


Each month, click on the destination via this page and register that you’re coming along. It helps us know who’s attending and where, and we can contact you in case of bad weather, National Parks updates, emergencies, or if there are some cute trail runners on the course. Anyway, we like to keep you informed, send out group prizes and photos, and have been known to be amazing friend matchmakers to tee you up with a hiking buddy in your area.

It’s free, so just register your name and come along! You can also purchase an optional WWA T-shirt, which we’ll post to you beforehand.

We know, cute!


Currently, we have three locations in NSW taking place on the first Saturday of each month, with more locations being added as volunteers and women in the community put up their hand in our Facebook Group or email in a new destination to host a walk. By host, we mean the lovely lady who calls out "let’s go!" and lets the group know the way. Our hosts and women in the community are not guides, and some walks may have no host – just a bunch of women ready to walk. How great to feel the nerves, turn up, say hello, and get moving!

Women can come along to any walk/hike, any month, in a location that suits them. If you can’t see a location near you, help us create one!

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6th May Coming soon Coming soon
27th May ACT One Tree Hill Hike  Register Here
-- No hikes are scheduled at this stage. Check back soon.  
-- No hikes are scheduled at this stage. Check back soon.  

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Our hosts and women in the community are not guides and Hike Club is separate from the professional trips we offer on our website lead by our team. Some walks may have no host - just a bunch of women ready to walk. How great to feel the nerves, turn up, say hello, and get moving!

Women can come along to any walk/hike, any month, in a location that suits them. If you can't see a location near you, help us create one!



We meet, introduce ourselves, take a group picture, go hiking, and drink coffee. Honestly, it’s that simple. All photos get posted on our Facebook group, and we’ve been known to give prizes for the best tags and selfies. So don’t forget to use #womenwantadventure #womenshikeclubaustralia so we can find you. Each month, we feature women from the walks in our newsletter with updates, news, tips, trips, new trips, and community news. If you’re not already on the newsletter list, why not join now. Keep an eye on that sneaky spam folder, though, as our emails sometimes end up there.
Although every hike/walk is different, we try to choose trails that are less than 2 hours in duration and under 8km in distance. We also look for trails that end near coffee shops, oceans, or rivers for dips, laughs, and time to ponder over a coffee (that’s also a big part of it).
When we choose Women’s Hike Club locations or you do, we aim for hikes that are graded easy to moderate. Think fire trails, nice nature trails. Sometimes it’s a path along the beach or into the coffee shop, whoops!
Yes, please. If you’re coming along to the same hike or even a different one in a different location, we need you to register on the links above. Simply come back to this page and hit the links. It will take you less than 5 minutes!
Leave the bigger, bolder trip things to us - Women’s Hike Club will usually have a WWA guide there because we love our community. But you know who else loves our community? The community! There are lots of volunteers and women who have walked the path the previous month.
No sign-in needed, just turn up. If you can’t make it on the day (it happens), don’t worry. But we think you should commit to getting outdoors and making your trip happen!
Be sure to click on the registration links to find out all the details, look at a cute little map, and know where to meet. Put the location into your Google maps the night prior so you’re good to go?
You: What if you’re a slow walker and stop to look at birds, plants and wee behind the bush? Us: Great! We love taking it easy and soaking in the views, so that’s absolutely fine. You: What if I’m not that fit, and I’m worried I’ll be the old unfit slow one at the back? Us: We’ve all been there! That’s why we choose hikes that are graded easy to moderate. We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable. You: How will I know how to find the group on the day? Us: Once you register, we’ll send you all the details you need, including where to meet and what to look for. You: But, but I’m still nervous, and I don’t know why, and ahhhhhh!!! Us: Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Take a deep breath, and remember that everyone starts somewhere. We’re a supportive community.
At Women Want Adventure, we are aware of the impact that large groups can have on trails and the environment. Depending on the location, we keep groups to a size that adheres to Leave No Trace and National Park guidelines. This means that we follow outdoor ethics while on the trails and strive to be considerate of other walkers. In some cases, groups may be larger for beach clean-up hikes or beach trails. If you miss out on a walk, keep an eye on our website for the next month and register early.
We understand that life can get busy, so if you can’t attend, please let us know, and we can open up your spot for someone else.
It’s up to you if you turn up or not. While we embrace adventure, we also prioritise safety. If conditions are unsafe, such as electrical storms, fires, floods, or other hazards, we will email everyone on the registration list to inform them that the walk is cancelled.
When you register for a HIKE CLUB MEET UP, you agree to these terms. All Women’s Hike Club events by Women Want Adventure are free to participants and run by volunteers, including volunteers within our guide team. Women Want Adventure does not provide any permissions, expressed or implied, and participation is at your own risk. Participants use the facilities at their own risk and without express permission from Women Want Adventure. It is essential to read the hike description to determine if it is suitable for you. All participants accept that they take part at their own risk and are responsible for ensuring they are fit and in good health to participate. Women Want Adventure is not responsible for any injury, loss, or damage sustained by a participant unless it is proven to have resulted directly from the organisers’ negligence. Be safe. Look after each other. Be kind. Know your limits.

Who are Women Want Adventure?

Women Want Adventure was founded in 2016 by Monique, who is passionate about empowering women to connect with nature and explore the outdoors. Since then, we have grown into a community of professional guides taking women on life-changing adventures across Australia.

In addition to leading female-led trips, we are also committed to connecting women through community and the outdoors with our Meet Up Hike Club. To attend a trip, join our newsletter, or enter our Facebook group, follow us on social media @womenwantadventure or visit our website.

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