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Happy 1st Birthday Women Want Adventure! Here's What We Have Been Up To In The Past 12 Months!

Happy 1st Birthday Women Want Adventure! Here's What We Have Been Up To In The Past 12 Months!

One year ago, we realised women wanted more than coffee shop catch-ups.

We spoke to all sorts of women, they told us women want to be adventurous, breathe in fresh air, sail across lakes, hike mountains, laugh with like-minded people...eat anzac biscuits.

Women wanted a community to experience the outdoors with. And so, around a campfire with twenty women, Women Want Adventure was born. Today our community is made up of more than 6 thousand women!

Women Want Adventure welcomes all women. All fitness levels, dress sizes and nationalities. Our community consists of over 18 year old women who are finishing high school, to our eldest member who is 73 years young! These are the women we celebrate on our birthday. Each and every member who turns up, as they are and has a go. The women who step out of their comfort zones, make new friends and give so much back to each other. We thank you. You are Women Want Adventure.

Women Want Adventure works because it is unique. We are a company driven by our members and led by highly qualified and experienced outdoor female leaders. When you book a trip with Women Want Adventure, you speak directly to the trip coordinator, we are there with you in the canoe or the canyon. We know your name, after two trips we probably know your dog’s name. Our leaders get to know you on a personal level, we take the time to understand what you want to achieve and are with you all the way. Women Want Adventure is a thriving community that understands every women is unique.

Women Want Adventure gives back to the community. Throughout the year we held 84 trips, free meet up events and community nights. All opportunities to enjoy a bush walk, chat and make new connections. From these trips and free events, many women make new friends that they can enjoy the outdoors with.

For a one year old we have achieved a lot!

What's next?

* The below trips are launching in the next few months for the end of the year and moving forward into 2019

  • Trekking in Bungle Bungles
  • Kakadu outback overnight hiking trips
  • Hiking in Tasmania's wilderness
  • Snowshoeing and snow camping in Australia
  • Additional Blue Mountains escapes
  • New Larapinta Trekking Trips
  • Whale Sharking Diving in May 2019
  • Kayaking in the Whitsundays + Hinchinbrook Island (2019)
  • + other international trip surprises!

We’re also working on creating core community groups in Newcastle, Wollongong and Sydney. This means regular women’s walking groups, meet ups and ways to connect on a regular basis. We will be hiring a Newcastle Trip Leader and Events Coordinator shortly, so if this sounds like you, keep an eye out. 

What’s special about community is the amount of support received from a range of people. We want to take the time to thank our team of Leaders. Tracy Gibson, Sue Thodey, Andrea Whitelaw, Yvette Farmer and Monique Farmer. They are leaders who get outside with you, in the kayaks, up the mountains and walk by your side on the trails. Dedicated, professional and fun, we thank all of them for their encouragement, motivation and skills to empower women in the outdoors. 

Behind the scenes we have Mother to Monique and Yvette - Lyn Farmer - Known and loved by many members as “Lynny”. Mum is 61 and has embraced attending every trip she can.

“It’s been a fabulous motivation for me, to get outside, focus on my fitness and connect with new friends. Before my daughter started these trips I didn't have as much motivation to spend time outdoors or it was hard to get a group of girlfriends together".

Not only does Lyn enjoy outdoor trips herself, she is constantly helping Women Want Adventure Leaders prepare to make every trip specia. She’s baking Anzac biscuits late at night or kayaking at the back of the pack to make sure everyone feels welcome and supported. Thank you Mum!

We also have major supporting brands that have equipped our Leaders and members with the best outdoor gear. Thank you to The North Face, Ice Breaker Clothing, Rainbird Clothing, CLIF BAR, Sea to Summit Gear, Paddy Pallin, Suunto Watches, Osprey Hiking BackPacks and Wilderness Equipment. We’re looking forward to continuing our relationship with brands who support women in adventure. 

Thank you for a great year and see you on the next adventure!

The WWA Team

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