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Our mission is to build a supportive, friendly and welcoming community of women who feel empowered, inspired and connected through outdoor adventure.

Our Adventure Service

  • Professional female adventure leaders with mountains of experience
  • Easy and welcoming day, multi-day and international trips
  • Providing a safe, supportive and friendly environment
  • Hiking, kayaking, camping, yoga weekends, social nights and much more
  • Free community walks in NSW, ACT and VIC

Our adventures are for women who believe in spending more time outdoors together. We focus on women who want to try something different and connect to a community to meet others who enjoy outdoor activities.

We know that coming on a trip will help women feel inspired and empowered to live their most adventurous and healthy lives.

Most of our day and weekend adventures are held in NSW. We're still a small company and aim to have more day and weekend adventures in ACT and VIC very soon!

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The concept of Women Want Adventure began with our Founder Monique, who was living a country life teaching in Dubbo, NSW. On weekends, Monique would travel back to Sydney to catch up with friends, yet didn't want to always do the same thing such as; going out for "more drinks" or "more coffee catch ups". Instead, a giggle and goss while hiking or sitting around a warm campfire was a more meaningful way to connect and catch up.

From many conversations with others wanting the same connections, Monique saw the need to inspire, empower and connect women through outdoor adventure. It would soon lead to a whole community of women breaking out of their comfort zones, saying "yes, I can do this" to new experiences and exploring the outdoors in a safe and supportive environment.

As a community, we aim to give women access to outdoor adventure in an exciting and new way. Our trips are inclusive and lead by female leaders who are qualified professionals. Trips give women the opportunity to move their bodies to feel good, explore places they may never have ventured alone, make lasting friendships and laugh!

For each trip there is a wide range of fitness and experience levels; from women who have never been hiking before to women who have extensive experience in the outdoors. We value every member of our community and know all women have a contribution to make. What’s powerful about our community is the diversity of women with different needs, desires and goals.

The question we get the most is: "Will I be fit enough for your trips?". Most of our trips are graded easy. We hike or kayak slow and really encourage you to give it a go. Did you know our eldest member is 72 and is onto her 12 trip with us! We're always here to support you and it's what we do best.

When you take a trip with Women Want Adventure, you immerse yourself in outdoor experiences filled with spontaneous adventure, stunning landscapes and purposeful connections to community and the environment. We have hiked mountains together, kayaked down rapids, watched whales breach from sea kayaks and discovered waterfalls in Australia’s best National Parks and overseas destinations.

Through outdoor adventure we have learned that together as a community, we can jump headfirst into adventure and instil confidence in all aspects of our lives.


Wow what an adventure! I was a bit hesitant at the start with travel and thoughts holding me back about attending but I’m so glad I said, Yep I’m going to go! To say the least, the environment we were in was truly breathtaking and so grounding. Monique exudes a positivity and energy that leaves you wanting to explore and learn more. I felt so supported by everyone there and am happy to have made new adventure friends. It's funny, after the trip I felt so grateful and inspired for life. Definitely recommend it to anyone!

‐ Kady Rowley

Other nice things people have said about us:
Incredible weekend at Megalong Valley! We were totally alone surrounded by bush and equip with a roaring fireplace. Those who started as strangers, ended up as new adventure friends!

‐ Jade Wilkins

I loved being surrounded by like-minded people who were brought together by their love of adventuring and the outdoors. The Blue Mountains Weekend was a fantastic mix between activities and relaxation.

‐ Callie Noaks

The unknown and a little courage make for such a great adventure. I had been on a proper hiking trip before and my first in The Blue Mountains was fantastic. I met a whole bunch of new friends and had plenty of laughs along the way. An accomplishment as well as a really cool adventure while hardly leaving the city. I'm ready for the next one!

‐ Jess Wethered

Monique is an amazing Leader and I will definitely be back for more adventures.

‐ Kendall Harvey

What an absolutely amazing walk from Kiama to Gerringong, the company, the views, the entire experience. I really value the effort and time that goes into planning. It was so personal and the Anzac cookies are to die for! Thank you so much for such a great day.

‐ Katrina Bernard

I adored every bit of it. Thank you to Monique, her wonderful Leaders and our beautiful group of ladies. Made the day an absolute delight. Can't wait for the next one. The obligatory Anzac cookie did not disappoint.

‐ Jordin Williams

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