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Our mission is to help inspire, empower and connect women through outdoor adventure.

Our Adventure Service

  • Professional female gudies with mountains of experience
  • Easy and welcoming day, multi-day and international trips
  • Providing a safe, supportive and friendly environment
  • Hiking, kayaking, camping and more

At Women Want Adventure, we know every woman is capable of getting outdoors, pitching a tent, paddling a kayak and enjoying themselves, But we also know it’s sometimes hard to do this alone.

So that’s where we come in.

We’re built on community. A team of qualified female guides - the ’doers’, who believe in relentlessly helping women explore what’s possible, individually and together. We’re passionate, professional and invested in providing adventure that’s fun, meaningful and helps women change their lives.

Our adventures are for women who believe in spending more time outdoors. We focus on women who want to try something different and connect to community.

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The concept of Women Want Adventure began with our Founder Monique Farmer, who was living a country life teaching in Dubbo, NSW. On weekends, Monique would travel back to Sydney to catch up with friends, yet didn't want to always do the same thing such as; going out for "more drinks" or "more coffee catch ups". Instead, a giggle and goss while hiking or sitting around a warm campfire was a more meaningful way to connect and catch up.

From conversations with others wanting connections, Monique saw the need to inspire, empower and connect women through outdoor adventure. It would soon lead to a community of women breaking out of their comfort zones, saying "yes, I can do this" to new experiences.

As a community, we aim to give women access to outdoor adventure in an exciting and new way. Our trips are inclusive and lead by female guides who are qualified professional. Trips give women the opportunity to move their bodies to feel good, explore places they may never have ventured alone, make lasting friendships and laugh!

Through outdoor adventure we have learned that together as a community, we can jump headfirst into adventure and instil confidence in all aspects of our lives.


Our passion for the environment and wild places we visit, has driven us to put in place measures to help protect, preserve and care for the environment.

We have always believed in Leave No Trace principles, and the utmost importance to take necessary steps to leave places better than when we found them. Women Want Adventure aims to minimise our impact by responsible and sustainable adventure which means to us:

  • Sustainable adventure through design and operation, operating as low impact as possible
  • Reuse items
  • Reducing waste on all trips
  • Saving usage of water and powder
  • Composting and recycling
  • Providing interpretations and education for women on trips on caring for the environment
  • Reduce the use of plastic on all trips (where possible completely)
  • Use appropriate soaps and hand washing materials in all wilderness contexts
  • Emphasis on bio security and communicating appropriate methods when out on trials/marine environments

We will continuously and enthusiastically seeks ways to support the environmental performance in all areas of our operations by working with suppliers, clients, partners, customers and the community.

Environmentally Friendly

At Women Want Adventure, we’re passionate about persevering the environments in which we adventure. In 2019, we achieved the Ecotourism certification, and recognised as a Tourism Operator within high standards to protect and care for our natural environments.

This accreditation informs women they’ve chosen to adventure with an environmentally sustainable company. To achieve this certification, Women Want Adventure was required to meet specific criteria, addressing the core principles of eco-tourism including:

  • Minimising waste on trips
  • Purchasing locally 
  • Employing locals such as our yoga teachers and hiring from local companies
  • Implementing the use of recycled paper in our office 
  • Reducing all plastic on trips
  • Working with and supporting our local community

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