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So, what exactly is Women Want Adventure? Do I have to be a young, super fit, experienced adventurer to attend?

Nope, you certainly do not. You can be a beginner to advanced (or anywhere in-between). Women Want Adventure is all about women coming together to try something new, make friendships, experience challenges, surprises and enjoyment of adventure. Our youngest member is mid 20’s, our oldest is 71, and 75% of women turn up individually. To find out more about what we do, click here.

Do you have local women’s trips in every state?

We’re always adventuring across Australia (we love to explore), but our HQ is based in Sydney and most trips are in NSW (for the moment). By HQ we mean Monique’s home office. She likes indoor plants and gear lists. Believe it or not, we’re a small outdoor company. Most of our guides work other jobs. Our team live between NSW, ACT and VIC, where we operate local day and weekend trips.  We’re big on making sure trips are safe, welcoming, small group numbered and inclusive – so we’re just going slow. Maybe you’ll see trips in your area soon, and Monique will get a bigger plant!

Are you a licensed outdoor company?

We sure are! We have licensing with NSW National Parks Eco Pass, Parks VIC and are an Eco Certified Company. We believe in uplifting females in the outdoor industry and operating professionally with a qualified team. It’s important our industry gets respect and recognition it deserves to promote females in this space and encourage the industry to grow. When you book a trip with Women Want Adventure, you’re supporting our industry, guides who have studied to gain qualifications for their roles and supporting local operators.

I’m not a member, can I still book a trip?

Indeed you can.You don’t need to be a member to book any of our trips, but you’ll miss out on special bonuses, first email notifications, discounts and offers. Not to mention a t-shirt! Some of our trips sell quickly, so it helps you get on board early. Once you’ve gotten a feel for the community, you’re more than welcome to join further down the track.

I’m nervous to attend, is this normal?

Nerves are normal. Even the most experienced adventurers still get nervous. Part of going on an adventure is seeking the “unknown”. Our guides will support you along the way and the best part? Other women in the group are just like you. Not many women know each other and after the first few minutes of introductions you will feel like you’ve hiked or kayaked with us plenty of times before.



How can I make a booking?

We’re very excited you want to join us! We’ve made it super easy to book a trip with Women Want Adventure. Head to our website here. Alternatively, you can contact us via email to assist with your booking. Your booking will only be confirmed once a deposit payment or full payment is made, depending on your trip of choice.

Some booking pages take me to Eventbrite. What is this?

Eventbrite is a third-party booking platform we work with for some day and weekend trips. It helps us manage your booking. Rest assured, when placing your booking, you’re in with us!

Do you take payments over the phone?

No payments will be processed over the phone. Please email us to assist with your booking.

I’m having trouble with your website and making a booking. What should I do?

Please contact us with a screen shot of your problem and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Will I get a confirmation email after I’ve made my booking?

Yes. A booking confirmation will be sent automatically after your booking. One of our team members will also be in touch via email with additional information for multi-day trips. If you don’t receive a booking confirmation, please check your junk email before contacting us. 

Are there part payment plans available?

We can arrange a part payment plan for larger multi-day trips only, not weekend adventure escapes, overnight canoe trips or day trips. Please email us to arrange. A deposit will still need to be placed to secure your spot for larger trips.

I missed out on a trip. How often do you operate the same or similar trips?

New trips are announced via our newsletter or Monday emails from our founder Monique. We also post on our Facebook Events Page here.  Some trips we can only operate once per year whereas others can depart multiple times. Usually, what you see on the website for larger, multi-day trips are the only departures on offer. 

Can I request a single supplement instead of twin share?

Please contact us as each trip varies with arrangements and accommodation. For example, some places we go adventuring to only have twin share availability. We may be able to arrange a single tent for you for an additional charge. Single supplement fees apply when this option is available.

I would like to stay a night prior or post from my trip, does Women Want Adventure organise additional nights stay?

Arriving earlier or staying later is a great way to extend your holiday! However we do not organise additional nights or take bookings for extra days of stay. Please check our itineraries as most trips have women arriving the day prior before a trip commences and, accommodation is often included in this case.



Can you help arrange my transport and travel?

Travel is by individual means only. We do not arrange group transfers. If requested by email, we can assist in connecting you with other women to arrange car-pooling options. However, due to Covid-19, we have not encouraged group sharing.

On your trip, transfers may be included as part of the trip description.  Some of our larger trips offer transport while on tour. Please carefully read your itinerary for more information.

Do trips include international or domestic flights?

No. We don’t arrange, organise or book flights for women. Our booking confirmation email will make suggestions on appropriate flights however, Women Want Adventure does not take responsibility for flight cancellations or additional travel arrangements.

I don’t own a car, do you provide lifts to start locations or from a train station?

Our guides do not offer transportation to trip locations. Some locations start at train stations or close to, such as Cowan Station to Brooklyn Hike, or Kingfisher Pools or Karloo Pools hikes. It is up to women to make their own way to the meeting location.


What should I pack?

A gear list will be sent before departure. Be sure to read it carefully and pack all essential items. Failure to pack appropriately can be unsafe and result in not being able to participate in certain activities with changes in weather conditions. Packing to the list will ensure you have the most enjoyable and comfortable experience.

What should I wear on a day hike?

What to wear is weather dependant. Please check your gear list sent prior to departure. It’s best to check weather forecasts, listen to your guides and always be prepared for a change in weather. Our guides often wear hiking shoes, shorts, long sleeve shirts and a hat. It is best to avoid cotton material. We also recommend merino socks and t-shirts as they are breathable and dry quickly.

Do I need hiking poles?

Hiking poles are a personal choice. They can assist with balance and reducing weight on your hips and knees as well as supporting you going up and down steps and hills. If you don’t like them, you can easily store them in your pack when they’re not needed. If you would like to hire poles, please contact us to check availability.

Can I hire equipment such as tents, hiking packs, sleeping bags or poles?

Please check with us about the availability, stock and suitability of gear needed for your adventure. You can also check out our hire gear for prices and options. Some of our trips include these items.

I have my own backpack and tent, can I bring it with me on trips instead of using your gear?

Of course! Our guides will check your gear on arrival just to make sure it is suitable for the trip.

Where do I purchase the WWA t-shirt or hat?

Thanks for asking! We love seeing you in our gear. Clothing and other items can be purchased via our shop page.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Glad you asked! Yes, we do via this page. They make excellent birthday gifts so be sure to purchase one for your friends and family.

I didn’t receive my gift voucher. Where is it?

Please check your junk email. We send gift vouchers electronically via email only. If you can’t locate your voucher, please contact us.




Is there a minimum or maximum age limit?

All trips are for women over the age of 18 years. We don’t have an age limit however, we encourage you to read the grading to ensure you are feeling fit and confident to complete the adventure.

What are the ages of women who attend?

Ages range from mid 20’s to late 60’s. The average age of women attending trips is 45 years.

Am I suited to this community?

We are a welcoming group who love spending time outdoors together. Our trips are for women who anjoy spending time in a group environment, so be prepared for friendly chats and support. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, join a free meetup or come on a trip. We’d love to meet you!

My daughter is 16. Can she attend if I’m there for supervision?

We believe young women should spend more time outdoors and off their phones! Unfortunately though, our community is only for women 18 years and over.

How do you grade your trips?

Please find our trip grading here. We grade trips via National Parks grading guidelines, length of activity and physical demands. Every trip is different and will have aspects within a departure that are harder than others. It’s important you read the itinerary carefully and make sure the trip is suitable for your fitness. Please note, changes in weather conditions may make a trip more difficult on the day. For example - windy conditions, rainfall, hot or cooler weather. Even if a trip is graded “easy”, it still sits within an adventure context. This means you may be paddling in windy conditions, walking up and down steps. Easy does not mean a sedate adventure. For all our trips, a minimum level of physical capability and willingness to be outside on the adventure is required.

How do I know if I’m fit enough for a trip?

Please check the grading before you book. We will be able to provide information on the type of fitness required for the trip and what to expect. However, everyone has different levels of what they find easy, hard or challenging. If you’re worried about your fitness ability, please contact us to discuss.

I walk 5-10km easily around the block at home. Does this mean I can complete an easy graded trip?

It’s difficult for us to determine or assess your suitability for each adventure. An easy graded trip in the context of adventure is still harder than a simple walk on a flat surface with your cute puppy. You must always read through a trip itinerary and grade. Some trips will become more difficult in varied weather conditions. We sometimes have women book six months prior to a departure in the hope that their fitness will improve for the grade. Please do not book trips via this method. It is best to book trips you are capable of completing at the time of booking. We recommend starting off with an easy trip to get a feel for the adventures and asking our guides questions. If you’re unsure, please email us.



I have specific dietary requirements. Do you cater for me?

We cater for dietary requirements such as gluten intolerant, lactose free, vegetarian and medical and allergy requirements. However, we require notice of a minimum of two weeks before departure to ensure we can meet your needs. Please make sure you indicate requirements when booking.

Our guides pre-plan and prepare food for groups in wilderness contexts, so we kindly ask you do not provide food preferences. For example, you would prefer to eat gluten free, and then be able to eat gluten if required.

* If you would like to bring your own personal snacks or meals, you are most welcome. Please let us know prior to your departure.

What sort of food is served on your trips?

Whether overnight hiking, on a day kayak or attending a weekend adventure escape, you’ll love our food! We pride ourselves on preparing healthy meals on and off the trails. Every trip is different in length or activity, so we cater depending on where we’re going and what we’re doing. You can always expect lots of fruit, vegetables, salads, curries, wraps and wholesome meals to keep you sustained. We even have a chef cater for our weekend escapes - and a couple of our guides are ex-chefs, too!

Many of our meals are vegetarian or plant-based with options for meats and other substitutes. Hot tea and coffee is always served so you can look forward to a cuppa with a view. We won’t give away all our secrets, but if you’re worried about meals or meeting your dietary requirements, please make sure you indicate to us when booking so we can cater for you.

And of course, our famous Anzac biscuits are a staple… we will leave it up to you to decide which guide bakes them best!

Do you provide alcohol?

We don’t encourage drinking, but we do know how luxurious it is to have a glass of wine around a campfire! On some trips, we provide a glass of wine at dinner. You’re welcome to BYO alcohol and we strongly encourage keeping a limit, especially as alcohol can dehydrate you for the following days activity.



What are your terms and conditions?

Please click here to view our Terms and Conditions.

What if I get sick or have an injury before a trip and can’t attend?

Please contact us in writing via email. Cancellation fees will apply within cancellation periods of your trip departure. Click here to read our terms and conditions.

How do I go about transferring my trip to another date?

You are able to transfer your booking outside the 30 days cancelation period for day and weekend trips only. For larger, multi-day trips, transfers are permitted outside the final payment date of 60 days prior to departure. Where possible, we will try to be as flexible as we can to help move your booking.

Will trips be cancelled in bad weather?

We will contact you in writing via email and contact you via phone if necessary. Most trips still go ahead in wet weather conditions, unless there are electrical storms or it’s unsafe to operate.

Will my travel insurance cover me if I need to cancel a trip?

This will depend on your travel insurance provider. You will need to contact your insurer for more information. We recommend Cover More or Alliance.

Can I get a refund if I can’t attend a trip?

This will depend on the time of your cancellation. Please view our Terms and Conditions and contact us for more information.

I cancelled my trip outside the cancellation period and am waiting on my refund, how long will this take to be processed?

Refunds may take up to 12 business days to process. Please make sure you email us with your trip cancellation and the name and date of your departure so we can clearly identify your ticket.



How many women are on each trip?

For hikes, we take no more than 14 women per guide with our licensing ratios. We usually like to keep numbers small, so expect between 9-12 women or even less for overnight hikes. Kayaking also depends on ratios. For sea kayaking, we take no more than 8 women. Other trips we can cater for up to 15, but again, we like to keep groups small.

Do you run private or custom tours?

We can arrange a private tour for your team or corporate party. We have even thrown hens adventures in the past! Please email us to enquire further so we can tailor to your needs.

Do men ever guide or attend trips?

We’ve asked Chris Hemsworth multiple times to join the team but he said he’s “busy”.

We do have a couple of male operators we work with who guide trips including the qualified canyon guides and Dane down in Jervis Bay. They are great! However, the majority of the time, you’ll get our team of professional, female outdoor qualified guides.

Men don’t attend our trips as clients.

Where are most of the trips held?

Mostly in NSW. Believe it or not, we’re a small company, so we’re not quite set-up to operate everywhere (just yet). We’ve launched overnight canoe trips and some hikes in VIC and walks in ACT. But stay tuned… we’re just getting started!

What if I’m late or miss the start of the trip?

Our guides do their best to wait for you, however some trips must start on time for safety, logistics and to be fair to the other women attending. Please always look up the location of your trip the night prior. If you’re running late, please call or text your guide.

I singed up to the newsletter, but I haven’t received anything. What’s going on?

Please check your junk mail. Sometimes, trip updates land in your junk mail from either Women Want Adventure or our Founder, Monique Farmer. Be sure to save us in your favourites so you don’t miss out

Is there a guide on anti-discrimination or accessibility?

Yes, Equal_opportunity_and_accessibility_.pdf

The guide took photos of me during the trip, where do I locate these?

See yourself in action via our Private Facebook Group. Our guides will post your photos in this group. You’re welcome to post your own photos, ask questions, invite friends and keep up to date on announcements we make specifically in the group.

I’ve noticed there are some free community walks. How often do they run and how do I register?

We try to run a free walk in NSW and ACT every month of the year. We understand not everyone can pay for an adventure experience, and our hope is to invite women along on a free walk to get to know the community. From time to time, we also host Pizza & Wine Walks and dinners. These have been postponed since Covid-19 and will return shortly.

Can you turn up individually?

Yes! Most women turn up on their own. We know it can be scary but it really isn’t. Most women turn up as strangers and leave as friends. It’s part of why this community exists and why we think it’s so special.

Where do I join the Facebook Group to receive photos after my trip and get trip updates?

See yourself in action in our Facebook Group Here. Post questions, meet other women, share your stories. We love connecting with you.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Please send an email to us at womenwantadventure@outlook.com.


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