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Trip Grading

What trip is right for you?

Women Want Adventure offers different trips and activities for a variety of fitness levels. We care about making sure each trip you select is suited to your fitness and experience levels, including your physical capabilities.

To help you find a trip suitable for your fitness level, please carefully read through our grading system, and before your next adventure ask yourself ‘is this trip suitable for me?’

It is important to note, on any trip, weather conditions may change. Factors including increased wind, heat, rain or snow can all influence the grade of the trip on the day.

How a trip is graded

The grading system assesses a trips difficulty based on its length, type of trail, river system, canyon etc and whether it is on or off track and the level of skill required.

Take a look at our guide below and before your next adventure, ask yourself: ‘is this adventure suitable for me?’



An easy trip is suitable for women who are new to adventure and want to get outside (but start off a little gentler) while the trips are slow and have breaks, it’s still an adventure so a basic to good level of fitness is required. You will still be in the elements and moving your body! For instance, our Jervis Bay Sea Kayaking Trip will see you paddling on the water for up to five hours. However, it will be at a slower pace, in a double kayak… so let your buddy do the paddling!

Fitness and preparation We ask that you have a basic to good level of fitness. If you are comfortable completing half-day walks over some uneven terrain, or perhaps take a swim/cycle/yoga class a couple of times a week, you should find this level of trip well within your means.



Our moderate level trips will see you spending more time outdoors and moving that body of yours. From steep inclines on a hike to longer stretches of paddling (over 13 kilometres), you can expect to be on your trip for a minimum of 5-6 hours. A good level of health and fitness is required, and you should be comfortable swimming, hiking, camping and abseiling. Previous bushwalking, kayaking or camping experience is recommended, but not required. You may also be required to carry a pack or equipment (a good workout) and hike up and down steps and hills. Be prepared to challenge yourself and get that heart rate up!

Moderate Overnight hikes

While you don't need previous overnight hiking experience, you'll need to be healthy and in reasonable shape. Our goal is to get comfortable carrying a load on our backs, take regular breaks, and support each other. You'll be hiking between 5-6 hours on moderately graded overnight hikes. For extra support, bring your walking poles. Taking those steps while carrying a pack is great for training! 

Fitness and preparation  Physical exercise should not be new to you. Try to do aerobics 3-4 times a week and incorporate hills and stair climbs into your training. 




This trip will appeal to women who want to push themselves a little further – after all, it’s called challenging for a reason! A high level of fitness is required as well as an open mind and a willingness to tackle a challenge when it comes up. You can expect to spend 10-12 hours on difficult, rocky trails (both marked and unmarked) and you must be able to keep a steady pace on long, rough, steep tracks. Be prepared to carry a heavy pack for long stretches of time if you’re participating in an overnight trip. Previous bushwalking, kayaking and camping experience is recommended.

Fitness and preparation An excellent level of fitness is required. You should be participating in cardio/aerobic sessions four times a week. This should be combined with some long distance, full pack carrying walks and hikes over steep and uneven terrain. You must be comfortable pitching a tent and carrying all items.

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