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Move Physically, Shift Mentally: How Adventure Can Set You Free

Move Physically, Shift Mentally: How Adventure Can Set You Free

We all know the physical health benefits of exercising and living an active lifestyle and that’s the main driver for a lot of people. But for some, the main driver is something else, something more important. When we start to move physically, we start to feel our minds shift and our mindset change. When we move our physical bodies through nature, shifts start to happen internally.

Simple activities, like a walk along the beach or through a local park, will lighten a mood, clear a foggy mind or offer a solution or different perspective to a problem. When we physically move our bodies, we literally move the energy around us, freeing us from negativity and the heaviness of stress and worry.

So what happens when we move our bodies through a challenging adventure?

The side effects are life changing! An adventure is not always easy and there are moments it’s not fun. Sometimes there may even be tears and tantrums. But it’s in those moments when you hit the summit, cross the finish line, or complete something you never thought you’d be able to do, that you realise mentally, you are not the same person you were when you started out. Challenge, pushing your limits, and moving your physical body through something you never thought you were capable of, will shift you mentally into a different perspective.

Adventure is our teacher, our healer and our friend. The mountains, forests and oceans our classroom. Everything you learn and discover from your adventure will carry through into your daily life. Your perspective will change. You no longer sweat the small stuff because you realise it’s not really that important. You no longer worry or stress about problems, because you know that you will find a solution. You’re more confident, in yourself and your abilities. You know that you can face any difficulty and move through it, one step at a time. You have gratitude for the little things. You no longer complain about your body because it got you to the end. You know that every sunrise is a new beginning, a new chance.

Adventure removes us from the every day, giving us a chance to breath, relieving stress and anxiety. Adventure can cleanse us and heal us. With each step emotional burdens fall away. Our mind declutters itself from all of the hurt, pain, grief, anger and regret. It’s like when we start out with a full pack and with each step we realise that we have packed things we don’t really need and so we remove them from our pack. Our mind goes through a cleansing process, and unloads anything that our emotional selves no longer need, anything that no longer serves us. Wounds start to scab, scars start to fade. Adventure opens our heart and calms our soul.

Sometimes, not all side effects will be felt from one adventure, sometimes you might need a couple. Equally, the mental and emotional benefits don’t always come from the biggest and wildest ones. Don’t discount even the smallest of adventures. By definition (Oxford Dictionaries) ‘adventure’ means ‘an unusual and exciting or daring experience’.

So whether it’s a day’s hike, a morning ride, a summit attempt or a race, choose your own adventure. If it’s more comfortable for you, start small. Or start big. Go it alone, or go with friends. What’s important is that you take your body on an adventure. Adventure gets us out of our minds and into our hearts. Adventure is the key that can sets you free.

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