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Now's the time! Introducing the Twelve-Month Adventure Challenge

Now's the time! Introducing the Twelve-Month Adventure Challenge

Haven't you heard? 2018 is the year of adventure! You've resolved to get out, and get active, to finally start to shift the balance in your life in favour of outdoor fun! It's a hard goal to commit to; life often gets in the way.

Introducing the 2018 adventure challenge. Each month this year, try and tick off one of the things on this list. It's a way of quantifying exactly what it means when you say you're going to seek more adventures.

Now's the time! Make it happen!

1. Learn a new activity

Studies show, the more new skills you learn, the faster you will learn over time…but science lesson aside, you never know what your new passion (or hidden talent) might be. So why not try it all!

2. Meet a new adventure buddy

Everybody knows something you don’t. Maybe your new friend can belay you on a rock climbing adventure. Maybe she knows how to get to a beautiful secret waterfall you’ve never heard of. Maybe she’s your new best friend! Sometimes, finding that person you really connect with is the greatest adventure of all.

3. Do something terrifying

There’s nothing like a good dose of fear to remind you that you are, in fact, a badass. Hike to the top of that cliff, and look down! Kayak through those rapids! Jump out of that plane! You won’t remember how scared you were – you’ll remember how powerful you felt afterwards! The sense of accomplishment that you were at your absolute limit and, somehow, you pushed through. You’ve got this!

4. Attempt something you'll fail at

Success is formulated through failure. Starting at the bottom makes getting to the top all the more satisfying.

5. Sleep on the ground

Not having the basic creature comforts that you take for granted makes you realise something fundamental; you don’t need them! Humans weren’t meant to be comfortable all the time. You’re more resilient than you think. Spending one night, or several, without a comfy mattress beneath you is the reminder you need that you’re tough as nails!

6. Ditch the phone

There’s something incredibly cleansing about switching off for a day or two, about only communicating face-to-face, and ignoring social media. It will reduce your stress levels, and strengthen your connection with those around you, and that is truly magical.

7. Explore with a non-adventurer

Share the passion! Not only are you opening up our wonderful community to a newcomer, but it’s also a way of reminding yourself that you know more than you think, that you can be the tour guide. Showing off your passion to someone else empowers you to take ownership of the thing you love and fully embrace it.

8. Go without

Forget the amenities! Use a bush-loo. Cook over an open fire. Embrace the dirty fingernails and greasy hair. Roughing it feels good…and the shower waiting for you when you get back home feels even better! 

9. Venture somewhere new

There’s something magical about discovering a place you’ve never been before. And that’s a real adventure – embarking on a journey on which you can’t predict the outcome!

10. Learn a survival skill

You’ll probably never need to start a fire by friction, or treat a snake bite, but how empowering to know you can do those things! Besides, you’re tough, and smart, and strong…if something ever did go wrong while you’re out having a good time, why rely on somebody else, when you’re capable of learning how to handle a crisis yourself.

11. Pitch a tent

If you’ve never done this, hop to it! There’s a unique sense of achievement that comes with using your own hands to assemble the place in which you’re going to sleep.

12. Take it all in

Sometimes, we’re so busy feeling the rush of adrenaline, the buzzing excitement of being surrounded by friends, that we forget to enjoy the little things – the deep blue of the water you’re kayaking on, or the vibrant pinks and purples of the sunset from a mountaintop. Seize a moment, take a breath, take a snapshot in your mind, how you feel, how the world around you feels and smells.. Remember this moment; it will never happen again. 

So…what are you still doing here? Go forth and find adventure!

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