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Osprey Kyte 36L Women's Backpack // Gear Review

Osprey Kyte 36L Women's Backpack // Gear Review

We took the Osprey 36L Backpack into the New Zealand wild and tested its limits, results… It’s good!

The super-lightweight design and adjustable back panel make it a supportive and comfortable bag to have on your back for long hours. Specifically designed for women, with a padded hip belt and spacer mesh harness, the pack can be altered to fit every individual’s body type.

To really test the pack, we shared it around the group on day hikes. The women who raved about how comfortable it is were similar sizes. Point being - you need to make sure this pack is the right size for you in the first place. Do you know if you’re a S or a M in packs?

The good thing about Osprey is they have a range of sizes for women and all body types. 

The Kyte has a moving velcro adjustment at the back. We put this on the highest level (Monique is tall) which felt better on the back and more comfortable on the hips. If you’re not sure how to adjust your straps it’s best to get fitted in store. Knowing how to fit a pack is important to prevent back injuries. 

When you carry additional weight in the pack, the straps and back paneling is easily adjustable to cater for different pulls on your hips and shoulders. 

How did it go in the weather?

When it was raining on our trip to New Zealand, and I mean really raining, the built in rain cover provided protection for our gear. Nothing got wet. We used this bag for an overnight trip (hut style) so we didn’t need to carry a tent. For this type of hike, it’s the perfect size. If you need to carry a tent we recommend the 65L Auroa BackPack. 

Back in the city, this bag is compact and light enough to use for day walks without it feeling uncomfortable. We also take it on our ride to work through Centennial Park. 


The design comes in a range of colours. Personally, we liked the grey. It feels “earthy”. Osprey like to add slight colour in, so the touch of green on the hip belt pockets looks great. Speaking of pockets, the hip belt pockets are an added bonus for a day pack. We particularly like this feature because we keep lollies, tissues and handy items for the women on trips. If you’re out on a solo hike, again, hip pockets are the best. It saves you putting on and off your pack. No hassle.

The pack also has soft, edgeless padded mesh offers a soft breathable contact surface and large load support.

Is it easy to pack?

Most packs are top loading access bags which are great. You just need to remember with the Kyte to pack from the bottom of the bag to the top. If you really need something from the bottom of the bag (we did mid hike) you can unzip the bottom of the base and the areas connect. This isn’t the best way to get your gear. No side zippers are usually fine on smilers packs like this one. If you are carrying a lot of weight and need to access gear, make sure you keep your essentials nearer to the top of the pack. 

What we did was keep our rain jacket, snacks and personal items in the top hood pocket of the pack. There is plenty of room and that’s what made us really like this pack. 

Would we recommended this pack to our members?

Of course! The Kyte has just about everything we need for a day hike pack. For a pack this size, it isn’t overly expensive at $249.95.

With adjustable straps across the chest and waist strap, the Kyte is sure to fit any woman setting out on an adventure.  

Considering its design (which is simple on the inside) it’s a great pack for women setting out on their first large day hike, where carrying the extra essentials is needed. Remember, if you’re setting out on a multi-day hike, it’s best to look at a pack a little bigger in the 58-65L range. 

It is our go to pack for hiking trips on our women's day walks because it's the "not too small, not too big" bag that fits a first aid kit, personal items, rain jacket and there is still room for more Anzac biscuits!

A good pack can make or break a hiking trip, for us, the Osprey Kyte was just what we needed.

Highly recommend!

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