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Step Outside And Into Adventure

Step Outside And Into Adventure

Residing within the comfort zone wrapped by the four walls is frequently a simple decision and one that is acted upon readily. However the yearn for adventure provides an appealing reason to stretch the comfort zone. An adventure by definition is, an unusual and exciting or daring experience; however, these experiences can be recognised in day-to-day activities.

I planned to go for an 8km-walking track on New Year’s Eve to end 2016 on a positive and healthy note. Having listened to a number of podcasts and having read a large array of articles on health and wellbeing, the concept and benefits of wholesome nutrition and regular exercising have been known to be the core foundation for optimal functioning of the human body. 

Walking under a slight canopy of luscious green trees with warm and radiating golden rays penetrating through them; being surrounded by the magical presence of beautiful butterflies and dragon flies; feeling the slight brush of the fresh gentle breeze on the skin; being embraced by the vibrant colours of nature and gazing into the murky river at a distance felt like a scene from the movies. This picturesque view, an opportunity to listen to a heart-warming podcast and one to fit in the recommended 10,000 steps felt like targeting three birds with one stone.  

Although, it was a simple walk, it embodied a depth of connection to: energy, gratitude, new knowledge, thinking time, clarity, positive feelings and the gesture of empowerment linked to stretching one’s comfort zone. Similarly, this connection and more is likely to be found during independent or group adventures. 

Organising independent exercising sessions such as walking, yoga, pilates etc. don’t appear to be a difficult task. However, scheduling a regular time for these and selecting to do it independently (or in some cases with a group) appears to be challenging due to a number of reasons. Having even one additional person to participate in these activities ensures multiple benefits for the body. The hormones released in the body post any movement (for a certain period of time) is certainly worth the positive feelings even if it’s for a short time. More importantly, having ready access to incredible landscapes, designed tracks, fitness classes etc. has made it easier to incorporate exercising into daily routines. 

Whether you venture outside into nature independently and/or with a group, the experiences to be had, the connections to be made are all part of the adventure and always worth it. 

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