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The Essential Random Hiking Gear Our WWA Guides Swear By

The Essential Random Hiking Gear Our WWA Guides Swear By

It's 5pm, and you're finally arriving at camp after a challenging day on the trail. Your lips are painfully cracked from the relentless wind, and mosquitoes seem to have marked you as their next feast.

Whether you're embarking on a brief overnight hike or venturing into the wilderness for a multi-day trek, our guides have experienced those moments of regret over forgetting seemingly minor items that, in the end, make a big difference in comfort and convenience.

Our team of guides, experts in leading adventures and seasoned in field-testing gear, have shared their insights on those random, often overlooked items that can significantly enhance your hiking experience.

How to Utilize These Tips

Every hike presents its unique challenges, influenced by factors such as length, altitude, weather, and season. Generally, the more extended and remote your hike, or the harsher the weather conditions, the more you'll need to pack in terms of clothing, gear, food, and water.

But remember, a great adventure starts with a well-prepared pack (yes, we made that up, but it's true!). Here's a breakdown of our guide-approved random gear list and why these items deserve a spot in your pack.

1. Nose Cream: An often-forgotten item until you're dealing with a painfully cracked nose. A small, light tube can be a lifesaver in windy conditions, providing much-needed relief.

2. Mosquito Repellent: Ever thought, "Do I really need it?" Yes, you do. Don't let swarms of mosquitoes or midges ruin your ability to enjoy the great outdoors. It's a small addition that can make a huge difference.

3. Secondary Fire Source: Always carry a backup, whether it's extra matches or a secondary lighter. You never know when one might fail, and being unable to boil water or make coffee can be a real downer.

4. Fire Starters: These can be a godsend for igniting a fire, especially when you're exhausted, and the available wood is damp. They're a small addition that can significantly ease setting up camp.

5. Buff: Its versatility is unmatched. Use it as a neck gaiter, headband, or even to protect your nose from the sun. It's a simple piece of gear with a multitude of uses.

6. Waterproff Rain Jacket: Even if the forecast is clear, pack it. Beyond its obvious use, it can serve as a makeshift picnic blanket or a dry spot to lay out gear.

Waterproof Rain Jacket Comes in Handy

7. Mini Scissors: Seemingly trivial but invaluable for trimming nails, cutting open packages, or removing mud from gear. A small pair takes up negligible space.

8. Extra Hair Elastic: For those with longer hair, having a spare can be a small but crucial convenience.

9. Elastic Bands: Perfect for securing opened food packages to prevent spills in your pack. A simple, space-saving solution for managing snacks and meals.

10. Re-Useable Ziplock Bags: Ideal for waterproofing food, storing leftovers, or keeping trash organized. They're also great for compartmentalizing items in your pack's various pockets.

11. Gaffer Tape: A multi-use tool for repairing gear, from fixing broken shoes to sealing tent leaks. Its versatility makes it indispensable.

12. Ear Plugs: Don't let snoring campmates or nocturnal wildlife disturb your sleep. A good night's rest is essential for enjoying your hiking adventure.

13. Eye Mask: For those sensitive to light, an eye mask can ensure a restful sleep, making it a personal yet practical item.

14. Lip Balm: Essential for preventing and treating chapped lips, enhancing your comfort on the trail.

Sunglasses Strap For Hiking

15. Sunglasses Straps: Yes, they might look a bit odd, but they're incredibly practical for keeping your sunglasses secure and accessible while on the move.

16. Pack of Tissues: Whether it's for a bathroom stop, cleaning up spills, or wiping sweat, a small pack of tissues is always handy.

*Tailor these items to your trip's specifics—considering factors like difficulty, pack weight, and distance—to ensure you're well-prepared for any adventure.*

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