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How joining a women's adventure community is good for your health | Women Want Adventure

How joining a women's adventure community is good for your health | Women Want Adventure

Joining a women’s adventure community is about more than just getting fit - it can positively impact every corner of your life! In fact, there are seven dimensions of your wellbeing that can improve when you decide to sign up for a trip. Read on to learn all about it.

When you think about someone who is healthy, chances are you’re picturing their physical appearance. But did you know that there actually seven dimensions of wellness? 

We don’t just need to look after our physical health by exercising, eating nutritious foods and visiting the doctor when we’re sick. We also need to look after the other elements of our lives. 

The seven dimensions of wellness, which will discuss in the article, are:

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional

  3. Intellectual

  4. Social

  5. Spiritual

  6. Environmental

  7. Occupational

Naturally, how much attention each of these need at any one time will ebb and flow.

But one thing’s for certain, neglecting just one of these dimensions for too long will have a negative effect on your overall wellbeing.

Joining a women’s adventure community is a one-stop-shop for all of these dimensions of wellness.

So, what are the benefits of joining a women’s adventure community? Read on to find out

THE PHYSICAL DIMENSION: It keeps you in great physical shape

This one is pretty simple; adventurous physical activities will nourish your physical body. You'll get fit!

Sometimes, you'll have so much fun that you won't even notice you're exercising.

We all know that regular physical exercise is hard to maintain. But if you’re able to add in a hike or a bike ride every couple of weeks, exercising will start to feel like a walk in the park... literally.

And, the physical and mental benefits are vast, and include things like building muscle and cardiovascular health, increasing endorphins, and decreasing the production of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

This means, you'll have less stress and anxiety, your pulse rate and blood pressure will lower, and you'll have better concentration.

So, with your physical body in great shape, you'll be better able to tackle any challenges that come at you.

THE EMOTIONAL DIMENSION: You’ll develop your emotional skills

Spending time in social situations will allow you to practice how to regulate and communicate emotions. You can hone how you identify and express emotions like frustration, annoyance, excitement or anger.

Regulating emotions like this is known as having 'high emotional intelligence'.

People with developed emotional intelligence are both resilient and flexible, and they're able to be vulnerable with others. They're also more self-aware, and able to cultivate self-acceptance, optimism and hopefulness in hard times.

Not only that, they can ask for help when needed.

And if there's one skill you'll need to 'win at life', it's how to ask for help when you're struggling.

THE INTELLECTUAL DIMENSION: It will help keep your brain healthy and active - just like your body!

Constant and everchanging forms of intellectual stimulation are key to our cognitive vitality, and our overall wellbeing.

Some evidence suggests that higher levels of cognitive stimulation can decrease one's chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease (and other forms of dementia) later on in life.

After all, the brain is similar to a muscle, in that it must 'flex and repair' like the muscles in the rest of our body. As they say, “use it, or lose it.”

Adventure trips out in nature with a group of new people you've never met before, is the ultimate 'brain gym'.

Intellectual and challenging conversations, high levels of external stimuli in nature (like birdsong, plant life and weather and landscapes anomalies), as well as a greater clarity of mind are all benefits of spending time outside in a group.

So, joining a women's adventure trip is the perfect setting to give your brain a good, healthy workout!

THE SOCIAL DIMENSION: You can build a supportive social network of strong and active women

As humans, one of our fundamental, non-negotiable necessities is a healthy social support network.

Joining a women’s adventure community allows you to cultivate that network, by gathering together women who love getting outside for health and happiness.

You never know, you might meet someone who becomes a lifelong friend and female support person in your life. And at the very least, you will start to build up some hiking buddies!

What's more, once you've been to a few events, you might be able to provide some much-needed emotional support for a woman who is anxious or unsure. That way, you might be the beginning of a lifechanging support network for her as well.

THE SPIRITUAL DIMENSION: You can give yourself space to contemplate life’s spiritual conundrums

Stepping out of the day-to-day and into wild spaces will give you mental freedom to interrogate questions of human nature.

Why are we here? Why do we say what we say and do what we do? Why do we suffer? How do we find peace? Why do humans fight wars? What’s our relationship with God? How/what is God? Is there a god? What, dare you ask, is the meaning of life?!

Understanding your relationship with spirituality, what you believe and what you reject, is the toolkit you need to weather life’s storms.

Meaningful, sustained conversation while out hiking, or paddling through an incomprehensibly beautiful waterfall will kick start those deeper conversations... trust us!

THE ENVIRONMENTAL DIMENSION: You can interrogate our human behaviour by tuning into the natural environment

Feeling a strong and authentic connect to nature is key to maintaining both physical and mental health.

When you spend time out in nature, feelings of connection and responsibility to nature are amplified. It's in these moments that many people recognise the destruction that human behaviour has brought on the planet.

After this important acknowledgement stage, we can get down to action: educating ourselves and taking individual action.

There’s no doubt that when it comes to climate action, individual behaviours, when taken collectively, have the power to change the world. That’s things like, reducing meat intake or flight miles, conserving water, or buying only second-hand clothes.

So, get out there and get to know nature, she's waiting for you!

THE OCCUPATIONAL DIMENSION: You can gain perspective on your career priorities and job satisfaction

Like many of the points above, a little bit of ‘time out’ can be the perfect equation to help you re-evaluate how you currently make a living.

Given you spend one third of your life at work, it's worth making sure your job is right for you.

So, how do you figure that out? By getting out in the fresh air, engaging in new and interesting conversations and taking some time away from your laptop, patients or clients.

Your new adventure friends may identify qualities about you that you hadn't even noticed - a new passion, an underlying value or a deep desire.

And what’s more, out in the wild, the challenging scenarios you find yourself in might unlock strengths you didn't even know you had. Qualities like patience with struggling team members, an ability to make people laugh in tough times, or a flair for creating a tasty meal from limited ingredients.

Who knows, this trip might just be the catalyst you needed for your new, more fulfilling life!

What’s a ‘Women’s Adventure Community’ exactly?

In case you were wondering, we wanted to define what we actually mean by a ‘Women’s Adventure Community’.

Women Want Adventure originally started when Monique, our founder, realised she didn’t have an ‘adventure crew’. She didn’t have a group of women to go on adventure trips with, to laugh with, and to share stories by a campfire, a glass of shiraz in hand.

So, she built a community of women that she could find that magic with.

The community offers women a safe space to push their boundaries without fear of judgement or failure. Spaces where they can move their bodies (regardless of fitness levels), explore new places and make purposeful connections with both people and the environment.

Imagine a group of women where every single one is in the stands, cheering for your success - that’s a women’s adventure community.


Women Want Adventure trips are a unique experience specifically tailored for women with a community focus. 

All our leaders are qualified and experienced to ensure your trip is safe and enjoyable. Our services provide more than a travel holiday. Women Want Adventure trips connect like-minded women who want to try new things, push personal boundaries, make lasting friendships and have fun! 

We make sure trip numbers are suitable for the terrain and all women feel welcome and comfortable on every outdoor encounter.



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