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Women's 2-night Snowshoeing & Camping Trip (Horse Hut) // 13th - 15th September 2024

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Group shot outside Hrose Hut

Embark on a unique snowshoeing and camping adventure in Mount Kosciuszko National Park, tailored for women ready to explore and try new things.

Join us for a three-day, two-night trip, setting up base at Horse Camp Hut. We'll navigate the rolling terrain, enjoying beautiful mountain views. Suitable for both experienced adventurers and beginners to camping in the snow, our trip offers a supportive environment for all women.

You'll cover 8-12 kilometers daily, enhancing your snowshoeing skills with guidance from our seasoned experts. Learn about snow survival, camping, and navigation as you go.

Evenings are for relaxation with a warm cup of miso soup or tea, sharing stories over delicious dinners. It's an opportunity to bond and make memories with your group.



This trip is a perfect fit for women who are seeking an authentic adventure. No prior snow experience or camping in the snow is required, as our goal is to offer a new and unique experience away from the crowds.

As this is a remote wilderness tour, it's important to keep in mind that changes to the itinerary may occur due to weather and other unforeseen factors. Our experienced guides will always strive to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants while making necessary adjustments to the itinerary.


  • Duration of trip: 2 nights, 3 days
  • Time: 9.00am at the Jindabyne Bowling Club parking lot
  • Day 3 finish time: 2.30-3.30pm
  • The grade is challenging
  • Backcountry NSW, Guthega
  • Camping in 2-person shared tents in the backcountry
  • The group size ranges from 6 to 7 women

Gear requirements

If you require rental equipment for your trip, such as clothing, inflatable sleeping mats, or sleeping bags, we recommend contacting Wilderness Sports in Jindabyne. They offer a wide range of gear for hire and it can be picked up at their store before the start of your tour. Please make arrangements in advance to ensure availability. Check out their website here


When it comes to transportation, we recommend using a 4WD vehicle to reach the starting point of the trail at Guthega. If the road conditions are snowy, it may be necessary to have chains on your tires for added safety. It's worth noting that even if you don't own a 4WD or don't feel comfortable driving in snowy conditions, many rental companies offer 4WD vehicles or vehicles with snow chains. It is not a requirement to have a 4WD for this trip, however it really does depend on snow conditions. Many trips we can drive 2WD to the start location. It’s often the case the group shares the drive from Jindabyneto Guthega if a few in the group have a 4WD vehicle. 

* All prices are per person and listed in Australian Dollars (AUD). All prices shown are GST inclusive where applicable.


After meeting at the Jindabyne Bowling Club, the trip will begin with a group welcome and equipment familiarisation session. Your guide will assist in allocating group gear and helping you arrange your backpack. We will then carpool (if you choose) from Jindabyne to Guthega Power Station (45-minute drive), where your guide will lead a snow safety training and snowshoe practice session.

The group will snowshoe through the beautiful gums, stopping for lunch along the way, until we reach our basecamp at Horse Hut. Here, your guide will teach you the necessary skills for setting up tents and preparing camp. Be prepared to pitch in with snow shoveling and collecting firewood as we work together as a team. After a warm meal, we will settle in for our first night in the snowy backcountry.

  • Amenities: Pit toilet available at basecamp
  • Accommodation: Snow camping outside Horse Hut (two-person tents, shared)
  • Snowshoeing distance: Approximately 8km
  • Meals: Lunch, dinner, and snacks

Note: Please come prepared to be a hands-on participant and help out in setting up the camp and other activities. This trip is a team effort and everyone's participation is valuable.

Wake up to a blanket of fresh snow and the aroma of coffee brewing. After fueling up, we'll set out from camp and explore the breathtaking backcountry terrain. Your guide will point out interesting features and landmarks, leading you off the beaten path to teach you navigation skills. Today is the perfect opportunity to reach the summit of the hills for panoramic views, where we'll stop for a delicious lunch. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the stunning vistas. As the day comes to an end, we'll head back to basecamp for dinner and a warm meal.

For this day, you will only need to bring essentials such as water, additional clothing, and food. We recommend using a lighter overnight pack or a small, collapsible backpack to carry these items.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, hot drinks, and snacks

This morning, we'll enjoy a delicious breakfast before packing up our tents and leaving behind our wintery basecamp. We'll make our way back to Guthega Power Station by an alternate route, taking the time to stop and enjoy a leisurely lunch under the snowy gums. After arriving back at Guthega, we'll head back to our cars and make the journey to Jindabyne for final farewells. Expect to arrive back in Jindabyne between 2-3pm.

Early morning

  • Snowshoeing distance: Approximately 8km
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, hot drinks, and snacks


  • Snow tents for camping for two nights (twin share)
  • Instruction and development of snowshoeing skills
  • Equipment for snowshoeing - poles, snowshoes, NEOS boots
  • Camping equipment, including tents, cooking equipment, and eating equipment for groups
  • Sit mats and group tarp
  • Inner pack liners and pack covers
  • Under foam mats for under your sleeping mat
  • Fees for entering national parks (keep your entry receipt)
  • Navigation on the technical side 
  • Equipment for first aid and safety
  • Including two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners, snacks, and hot beverages
  • Mess kit - eating utensils (bowl, mug, knife, fork, spoon)
  • First aid kit and emergency communications
  • A qualified female alpine and snowshoe guide
  • Insurance for travel - try Flip insurance 
  • Getting to and from Jindabyne // Guthega Power Station 
  • Accommodations prior to or after the event
  • Packs, sleeping bags, or mats for hiking


Grading: Challenging


This adventure involves hiking in snowy conditions for extended periods, up to 6-7 hours per day, depending on the weather. It's important for participants to have a good level of fitness and excellent health.

Participants will need to carry a backpack weighing approximately 14-18kg, which may vary across the 3 days as food is consumed. The middle day will involve hiking with a day pack only. It's crucial to be prepared for potential variable weather conditions such as high winds, snowfall, and rain, and to be comfortable in these conditions. Walking in snow differs from trail walking and can make hiking more challenging and slower.

It is highly recommended that participants have prior experience with overnight hiking and camping. Most women on the trip may not have camped in the snow or snowshoed before, but this is okay. As long as you have a good level of fitness and a flexible mindset (hiking in the snow can be tough but is very doable with a positive attitude!), you'll enjoy the experience. To prepare, we recommend engaging in one hour of aerobic exercise, like hill walking, four to five times a week, with a backpack. Additionally, practicing day hiking in variable weather and hill walking with a pack is beneficial.


make new friends

Absolutely! The majority of women who attend our trips do so on their own and don't know eachother prior. Our community is specifically designed to foster connections among remarkable women like yourself, ensuring you feel welcomed, at ease, and enthusiastic about embarking on new adventures. And rest assured, you'll be in great company as we all share a mutual love for Anzac biscuits.

While it may present some additional challenges compared to a regular hike, don't let that deter you from having an amazing time! Snowshoeing offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the winter wilderness. With proper guidance and suitable equipment, it can become a rewarding and enjoyable experience for all. Remember to embrace your own comfortable pace and take delight in the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you. A good base level of fitness is going to assist you.

Many of our participants do not own a 4WD vehicle. In such cases, we typically arrange carpooling among the group members. If someone in the group has a larger or more suitable vehicle capable of handling the drive from Jindabyne to Guthega Power Station, we can organize transportation accordingly. In the event of challenging snow conditions, it may be necessary to utilize snow chains, which are not included in the trip price. However, rest assured that we will find a solution to ensure a successful journey. Your convenience and safety are our top priorities.

We're total snack enthusiasts, too. Bring all the snacks you want - we'll make sure there's enough to go around.

This trip is usually for ladies who have overnight hiking experience and have their own packs. But if you don't have one, no worries! Check out Wilderness Sports Store in Jindabyne for gear rentals. We also have a limited amount of overnight packs to rent out, so feel free to reach out to us here and ask. We'll do our best to help you.

Rest assured, we will provide water purifying tablets to ensure safe drinking water. All you need to do is fill your water bottle from one of the pristine streams located near our base camp. Additionally, the abundance of snow will provide a convenient source of water as it naturally melts. This arrangement offers a win-win solution for maintaining hydration throughout the journey.

We always do our best to accommodate everyone's dietary needs. We can cater to vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets. But we don't cater to FODMAP diets. It can get a bit tricky to cook different meals for everyone in the snow, but please reach out to us and we'll do our best to make it work for you.

Any prior experience in bushwalking or overnight hiking is highly beneficial and strongly recommended. It is important to emphasize that being physically fit, in good health, and mentally prepared for a snowshoeing adventure is essential. With these qualities, you will excel in this endeavor. Please bear in mind that this trip requires carrying your personal gear as well as shared group items on your back. Moving through snow in snowshoes can be slower, and weather conditions may fluctuate. We have had the pleasure of welcoming women who were new to overnight hiking on previous trips, and their participation was greatly enhanced by their solid fitness levels. For further details, please refer to our grading description. If you are interested in gaining more overnight hiking experience beforehand, we encourage you to explore our other trips available here.

Typically, our trip arrangements involve pairing each woman attending with another to share a tent. This arrangement serves the purpose of ensuring warmth during the nights, as two individuals can generate and retain heat more effectively, while also distributing the weight of gear evenly. However, if you would prefer to have your own tent, we can make arrangements to rent one for you from the store in Jindabyne at an additional cost. Please inform us of your preference, as the price for a single tent is $90 plus GST.


Rachel Thompson 24/01/2023
    5 / 5 rating

My Time on the Women's Snowshoeing Trip

I had the best time on the women's snowshoeing trip! I was a little nervous at first, but the guides were great and the other women in the group made me feel so welcome. I learned a lot about the sport and how to use snowshoes as a fashion statement... and I have some unforgettable memories with my new friends who I will now call my "snow sisters"

Emily Davis 24/01/2023
    5 / 5 rating

Falling, laughing and making friends: My Snowshoeing Adventure

I never really thought about camping in the snow. I’ve done a an over night hike with WWA and thought I’d try it. The scenery was breathtaking and the camaraderie of the group made it even more special. I highly recommend this trip to any woman looking for an adventure and a chance to bond over frostbite and numb toes. Worth it!

Sarah Johnson 24/01/2023
    5 / 5 rating

My Two Left Feet had a blast on the Women's Snowshoeing Trip!

I had a blast on the women's snowshoeing trip! Not only did I learn how to walk in circles and fall over gracefully, but I also made some lifelong friends who I can now blame for my bruises. The guides were hilarious and made the experience even more entertaining.

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