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Women's Blue Mountains Hiking & Yoga Escape // 19th - 21st July 2024

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Kanimbla Views

Welcome to your Kanimbla Retreat, where you can embark on a rejuvenating Women's Hiking and Yoga Escape Weekend. Get ready for a perfect blend of relaxation, immersion in nature, and nourishment with wholesome food.

As you step foot onto our retreat, you'll be warmly greeted by a group of like-minded women, many of whom arrive individually, seeking solace and connection. Our weekend journey begins with a delightful afternoon tea, allowing you to settle in and unwind. We'll then embark on a gentle cliff-top walk, where you'll witness the mesmerising sun as it gracefully descends over Kanimbla Valley.

The remainder of the weekend will be a seamless flow of enriching experiences. You'll indulge in three invigorating yoga classes, carefully crafted to suit beginners and intermediates alike. These sessions will provide you with a harmonious balance, leaving you feeling revitalised and centred. Alongside the yoga, you'll have the opportunity to explore the majestic Blue Mountains through easy to moderate hikes, unveiling hidden waterfalls and awe-inspiring vistas at every turn.

Of course, we understand that nourishing your body is just as important as nurturing your spirit. Our culinary team will pamper you with delicious and plentiful meals, specially prepared to energise and sustain you throughout the weekend. From locally sourced ingredients to flavourful creations, our meals are a feast for the senses, leaving you feeling nourished and satisfied.




  • Meeting time: Please plan to arrive between 1:30-2:00 PM on Friday. Access to the property is available from 1:30 PM onward.
  • Meeting location: Kanimbla Cliff Top Retreat, located at 113-115 Shipley Road, Blackheath NSW 2785.
  • Group welcome: At 2:30 PM, we will gather in the main lodge to warmly welcome all women and set the tone for an unforgettable weekend.
  • Finish time: Our weekend will conclude at approximately 1:00 PM on Sunday, allowing you to return home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Grade: Ranging from easy to moderate, with the Grand Canyon hike featuring steps to add a touch of excitement to the journey.
  • Yoga: Beginner flow and Yin yoga, thoughtfully tailored to accommodate beginners and intermediate practitioners.

At Women Want Adventure, we pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability and minimising our environmental impact. Our retreat operates in the most eco-friendly manner possible, with eco-certified accommodation boasting indoor fires, solar power, and composting systems. Furthermore, we proudly support local businesses by working closely with nearby suppliers, yoga teachers, and staff.

Prepare yourself for a weekend filled with tranquility, natural wonders, and connections that will leave a lasting impression. Join us for a Women's Hiking and Yoga Escape Weekend where you can embrace the serenity of nature, revitalise your body and mind, and create cherished memories with a community of kindred spirits.

* All prices are per person and listed in Australian Dollars (AUD). All prices shown are GST inclusive where applicable.


Main Lodge

Welcome to the serene and enchanting Kanimbla View Retreat! Upon your arrival between 1:30-2:00 pm, take a moment to settle into your cozy room and embrace the tranquil surroundings. At 2:30 pm, join us for a warm and heartfelt group welcome, where we'll indulge in delightful afternoon tea, fostering connections with fellow retreat participants.

To immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, embark on a gentle 40-minute walk along the property's cliff top path. Let the breathtaking views captivate your senses as you explore various lookouts, providing the perfect vantage points to witness the mesmerizing sunset. Afterward, return to the retreat and prepare to unwind and rejuvenate during a soothing vinyasa yoga class at 4:15 pm.

As the day comes to a close, satisfy your appetite with a scrumptious healthy dinner, specially prepared to nourish both your body and soul. Then, allow the comforting glow of the indoor fireplace to envelop you, creating a cozy atmosphere for relaxation and reflection. It's the ideal way to conclude a day filled with invigorating yoga, refreshing hikes, and blissful moments of tranquility.

Grand Canyon Hike

Today, as we awaken to a new day, indulge in a hearty breakfast that will fuel us for the beautiful hike that awaits—the Grand Canyon Circuit hike.

This captivating 6.3km loop hike, rated as a grade 3, will lead you through awe-inspiring canyon scenery, narrow chasms, and enchanting enclosed rainforest tunnels. Prepare to be mesmerised by the sheer beauty that surrounds you at every turn. Along the way, we'll pause to savor a hot beverage and delectable snacks while soaking in the breathtaking views from above.

After our invigorating hike, we'll return to the retreat for a well-deserved and satisfying lunch, allowing you to replenish your energy and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation. In the afternoon, as the sun begins to soften, we'll guide you through a serene and soothing yin yoga class at 4:15 pm. This gentle practice will help stretch out your legs and release any lingering tension, leaving you feeling grounded and refreshed.

As the day gracefully transitions into evening, indulge in a hearty dinner accompanied by a carefully selected wine, thoughtfully provided for your enjoyment. Rest assured that all meals are included in your itinerary, allowing you to sit back, unwind, and allow us to take care of every detail.

Cliff Top Views

Begin your day with rejuvenation as you wake up and invigorate your body and mind with a vinyasa flow yoga class at 6:30 am. Following the class, enjoy a nourishing breakfast. Today's adventure will take us on the lovely Porters Pass & Centennial Glen hike, a 5-6km journey that winds through the breathtaking landscapes of the Blue Mountains, unveiling mesmerizing valley views and scenic lookouts along the way.

This hike includes traversing the precarious Walls Ledge, descending to discover a hidden canyon and waterfall, and returning via the enchanting Centennial Pass Trail. Throughout the hike, we'll pause for rest stops, including a delightful morning tea break, allowing you to savor the moment and refuel.

The Porters Pass & Centennial Glen hike presents a delightful combination of steps and uneven terrain, and it is worth noting that the section we will be hiking is particularly suitable for beginners. Expect the hike to take approximately 2-3 hours to complete, allowing ample time to immerse yourself in the beauty of the surroundings and create lasting memories.

As the weekend of fun-filled adventure draws to a close, we'll conclude our journey at around 1 pm, bidding farewell with cherished memories and a sense of fulfillment.


  • Two nights' accommodation based on twin share
  • All linen & towels
  • Welcome gift
  • Daily yoga sessions
  • All delicious meals, beverages, and snacks
  • Hot tea and coffee, as well as morning tea on the trails
  • Three invigorating yoga classes
  • Three breathtaking hikes
  • Licensing and permits for all tracks in National Parks
  • WWA-qualified outdoor guide
  • First aid kit and PLB for emergency communications
  • Share and post photos of your trip in our private Facebook group
  • Transportation to the accommodation
  • Sunday lunch is not included; however, we provide a delightful brunch-style meal on the trail
  • Yoga mats
  • Hot water bottle (recommended during the winter months)
  • Additional alcoholic beverages (we serve 1-2 glasses on Saturday night)
  • Travel insurance coverage


Grading: Easy

This trip is graded as a blend of easy and moderate. On day two, we embark on the Grand Canyon Hike, which features stairs to reach the captivating canyon floor and up again. However, there's no need to worry, as we take a leisurely pace and ensure ample breaks for everyone to rest and appreciate the surroundings.

During the first day, you can anticipate a leisurely walk lasting approximately 40 minutes. On the second day, our hike spans between 3.5 to 4 hours, allowing ample time to immerse yourself in the beauty of the landscape. Finally, on the last day, the hike will span between 2 to 3 hours, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable experience for all participants.

While prior bushwalking experience is not necessary, we do recommend a basic to good level of fitness to fully relish the trip. Having a foundation of walking fitness will enhance your overall enjoyment. Furthermore, our yoga classes are thoughtfully tailored for beginners, making them accessible to both first-time yogis and regular practitioners. Regardless of your experience level, these classes offer a perfect opportunity to find balance and tranquility amidst the adventure.


Attending the weekend on your own is not only possible but also quite common. Many women join us individually, seeking the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who share a love for the outdoors and a desire to escape for a memorable weekend in the mountains. Rest assured, you'll have the chance to forge new connections and create lasting friendships with fellow women during this enriching experience.

If you have any concerns regarding your physical fitness for the hikes, we encourage you to contact our team either via email or phone. While the weekend is graded as easy, it's important to note that the Grand Canyon Track does involve a considerable number of stairs. However, please be reassured that with good health, determination, coordination, and balance, you'll be well-equipped to enjoy the experience. Furthermore, the yoga classes offered during the weekend are tailored to beginners, ensuring that participants of all levels can fully engage and benefit from the practice.

Our trips warmly welcome women who are 18 years of age and above. We have had attendees spanning various age groups, and the average age of participants tends to be between 40-65. We embrace diversity and encourage women of all ages to join us for an enriching and inclusive experience.

We do offer a single supplement option for those seeking a private room. However, please note that we have limited availability with only one single room at the retreat. We recommend contacting us prior to making your booking to check for availability. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, as the room configuration at the retreat is designed to accommodate primarily twin share arrangements.

For the hikes, we recommend wearing comfortable and sturdy hiking boots or shoes, as they provide reliable support on the trails. Alternatively, joggers can also be suitable for less challenging hikes. Around the retreat, we encourage you to dress in comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement and relaxation. Many women find UGG boots to be a cozy choice for staying warm and comfortable. Additionally, don't forget to pack your yoga clothes to ensure you're fully prepared for our invigorating yoga sessions.

Absolutely! To ensure that you and your friend are accommodated together, please make sure to include your friend's name on your booking form. This will allow us to make the necessary arrangements and ensure a pleasant and seamless experience for both of you.

We strive to cater to various dietary needs, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. If you have any allergies, please inform us in advance so that we can make necessary arrangements. However, please note that we are unable to accommodate FODMAP diets at this time. Additionally, it is important to mention that while we take precautions to minimize cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee the complete absence of gluten or nuts in the food. It is essential to inform us of any medical allergies you may have. Our guide will be responsible for preparing your meals, although please note that we do not provide professional chef services. For any further inquiries or concerns regarding dietary requirements, please feel free to contact us.

Many women find it comforting to bring a smaller blanket to use during yoga classes, especially during relaxation exercises. Additionally, on past trips, participants have enjoyed the coziness provided by small blankets and hot water bottles during the nights. If you have these items available, we encourage you to bring them along with you. They can contribute to your overall comfort and enhance your experience during the retreat.


Mary Danic 22/06/2023
    5 / 5 rating

I had an unforgettable weekend away!

I went by myself and left with found friendships. The ladies all wonderful, the food scrumptious, the yoga classes OMG fabulous, the accommodation just so perfect, the walks and scenery - amazing. Best of all the fire places, a glass of wine, a magnificent dinner and wonderful conversation. I actually teared up when it was time to say goodbye. xxx

Susan Oliver 20/06/2023
    5 / 5 rating

My first trip and wow!!!

The Blue Mountains hiking and yoga experience did not disappoint. The cabins were tastefully decorated, eco friendly and fully sustainable. The wood fires, wholesome food cooked by superhero Monique and spectacular scenery were a match made in heaven. Monique is a special person who served us all weekend and generous with her time and energy ensuring we all had a great time. I really do recommend any trip with Women Want Adventure and guarantee you will return home refreshed, cared for and will have achieved at least one bucket list item!

Ruth Conroy 12/10/2021
    5 / 5 rating

Blue Mountains Testimonial

This was my 18th trip with Monique and Women Want Adventure. I love all of them! Thank you Sophie for the incredible meals (maybe my favourite thing). Lots of laughs at night and dancing. I always feel like I am away with a group of friends on a WWA trip. Now I just need to decide what to do next!

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