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We belive all women are capable of getting outdoors. But also know it’s sometimes hard to do this alone.

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Our Story

How can we make adventure as accessible, connective, supportive, empowering and fun, for as many women as possible? That’s what we ask ourselves each day. That’s why you’re here, looking for your inner wild woman.

And… why shouldn’t you find her?

Women Want Adventure was founded by Australian Outdoor Education Teacher Monique Farmer. She created the community after years of looking for a tribe of women to ‘do’ outdoor activities with. To have a meaningful experience, rather than another coffee catch up. She started listening to what women really want. And most of it was about connection, community and getting outside to explore this wonderful world of ours.

But where do you start!?

Monique agreed. Getting outdoors, especially if it’s been a little while, can be intimidating. Where do you go? What socks should you wear? Who do you go with? She wondered if it could be a lot simpler. An easy stepping stone. If it could give women confidence and community to feel safe, be themselves, make mistakes, over toast marshmallows and have FUN.

Now with a fabulous team of qualified outdoor guides, Monique helps women hike, kayak, camp, canyon… even swim with whale sharks. Our team want women to try new things, feel happy and make lasting friendships with like-minded women.

We are not interested in tourist locations, big crowds or commercial groups. We care about taking women on unique specialised adventures. Places only outdoor trained guides (that’s us!) go. And we’re known to make the best Anzac biscuits in the business, and trips to help you feel terrific and belly laugh (out loud!).


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We want to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees. We plant a tree for every booking in partnerships with One Tree to help restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world.

We plant one tree for every trip booking

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